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(An original stolen from me by Al Jolson)


Sammy, Sammy.

They made for you the famous quote.

“He’s as bent as a nine-bob note”.

Sammy, Sammy

You’re no longer whiter than that Gandhi.

First, Big Sam

Was on the look-out for a quick bung

Now Big Sam

Is sorry that he’s ended up stung

Sammy, Sammy

You flew a thousand miles

To make a quick pile

My Sammy.


Sammy, Sammy,

You didn’t know when you’re well off

But couldn’t wait to get to the trough.

Sammy, Sammy,

To get your clammy handies round the candy.

I’m a-puzzled

Why you did the things you did

When your muzzle’s

Snouting in three million quid.

Sammy, Sammy,

So take your grubby fame

And get out the game

My Sammy.


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John Coopey

Thu 29th Sep 2016 17:48

That's exactly right, MC - the love of money.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Sep 2016 17:04

Ouch!! If I were Sam Allardyce, I wouldn't want this
following me need for music to embellish the
words this time. As for the man's utter lack of perception
about what was going on - words fail me!
Truly, it wasn't money...but the LOVE of money that was
his self-inflicted downfall.

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