If you reminded me

If you showed me you loved me in return

If you can handle who I give to you

My love would engulf you

Physically, emotionally, mentally, passionately

I'd be all for you.

If you gave me your body I'd nourish it

Empower it

Adore it

My love would be the kind

To push you to the sky

Wrap you in warm golden light

Numbing all senses

Except highlighting your happiness's


If you told me you needed me

Id protect you

I'd armor your heart

I'd make your hardships playful

Id make you feel like the strong man

Your father prayed you would be

I'd make your life more meaningful


If you showed me that you needed me

Id give you the power to take on the world

I'd hold you at your weakest

Id carry you through your darkest roads

I'd kiss the life back into you

Stand you up and give you strength

I would always be behind you

Sending my own guardians

To always be with your needs

I would be your angel

You would know my arms

Would always be around you


If you showed me you want me

Every little bit of me

All that and the insides of me

I'd melt my body over yours

I'd let you lay me down

My eyes searching

They'd speak to your very soul

my heart you'd see from them glow

I'd crawl over your body

My hair spilling over

as you explore the inside of me

My smiles you would feel forever

Along your lips

My kisses would shock through

To your fingers tips

My legs would wrap around you

pull you into me closer

I'll beg you for more

You'd have my heart in full


If you told me you wanted me

I would show you to never doubt me

Always being yours.

I'd smother you passionately

your bad day into my skin

i would absorb

I would make you forget all the shit

I'd rejuvenate you with love

I'd give you a good fuck

your courage found through me

to deal with issues you thought you couldn’t

If you told me you wanted me

I'd happily remind you

"baby you always got me all of me"


If you showed me how beautiful I was

And never gave up

I would show you how often I blush

As if we first met when I couldn’t trust

I would take care of my body

Learn to love it as you do me

My beauty will finally be set free


If you told me I was beautiful

And didn’t mind reminding me

To make up for the other words

People have given me that hurt

I'd play dress up  in special outfits

For you to slide off of me

I would wear your favorite jeans

That bring you to your knees.

I would look at you hungrily

Where you can see my imagination

Getting further carried

Sometimes perhaps a few times

You'll wipe my tears never understanding

How much those words knock out my fears

you'd make a woman out of me

Showing my how much I may be worth.



If you showed me your patience with me

Through the times my demons keep fighting me

Id give you all the time you need

I'd understand how I cant fix everything

that will test you and bring up memories

Your struggles personally

I'd give you the room

At the side

always there when you need me


If you had patience with me

As I cry hide and scream

I would understand finally

I need not worry

I'd feel set free each time

When my pain would ease

Knowing you would still come

To save me.


If you held me tight just right

throughout my most difficult times

It'll always be you I'd come searching

When I need my hero

the rock I need to weigh me down

During my miserable storms.

I'd cry on your shoulder

Knowing I have your support.

I'd feel much stronger

With your heart coaxing

through your touch

to never give up


If you always held me tight against you

when I'm clearly overthinking

In day or the dark of night

When voices in my head are loudly speaking

I'll always feel safe with you

I'd know I'll be alright


If you showed me you believed in me

I would make your mother so very proud of you

she would see how much I feel like a princess

From the simples things you do.

My face lighting up with love

only for her son

hearing the honest compassion

that my heart has finally sung.

She'd accept I'd sacrifice for your happiness

I would show her in me she can trust

a dream she dreamed for you

A love to make life lived in bliss.


If you told me you believed in me

I'd take Your hand in mine

To have you always

Forever lovingly beside me

Through the rest of our time

Knowing everything will be just fine.


If you reminded me of all of these,

If you stayed in love with me,

I'd give you the soul

what makes me,


I'd give it whole. 

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