Climb every mountain

sink another trench

piss in a fountain

bed another wench

shout from the rooftops

how life could be much better

write an acrostic

piss off an agnostic

cover your favourite wall with rants

crap in someone else's pants

impress a bunch of sycophants

move to the south to sunny Hants.

Never block the motivation

while the middle classes swoon

the revolution is revving up

and the clocks are ticking in Wetherspoon.

civil unrest




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Wed 21st Sep 2016 19:39

Thanks David. I wanted a sort of bilious attack effect with no gaps so I used an unfamiliar format. Possibly better read to a comatose audience. It always intrigues me how names get an S added - like Wetherspoon 's
or Woolworth 's , the one that gets me is Cliff Richard 's. There 's obviously a sense of comfort that an S can give, like a good S hit.

It's nice to be persuasive. Poundland seems to be here to stay. (Watch out for the new booze license).


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 21st Sep 2016 12:19

The sense of pointlessness is conveyed excellently. Spat out bitter stuff, even this might be too subtle I fear.

There are a couple of stand out lines, which is impressive among so many.

It's a little different to you're usual offerings, but really good stuff.

It's 1217hrs and I'm in a lovely boozer in Farnham (which is far to up its arse to have a spoons) The question is to partake or not, you have persuaded me that the answer doesn't matter and neither does the time of day.


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