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Stop and think

We've taken our sevles to our limits.
Pushed the walls of right and wrong.
Provoking until one of us falls.
Where's the sense in this ?
Neither of us envisioned a relationship like this.
We had a different hope at the start.
 mistakes have shattered us to pieces.
Fully giving are all, with no results showing our pieces have evolved. 
A fight was in our midst.
Built up from all of this.

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A loving Heart

Where do I start with all the love you have poured into my heart?

Your first kiss to me in the hospital room is a good start.

That poured love into my heart

All the times having to change my diaper must have been hard.

That poured love into my heart.

My first steps right into your arms, holding me up like a champion in your arms.

That poured love into my heart.

My first day of...

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Pee Pants

What an embarrassing day.
It started with me not even being ready for the day.
The morning never existed,
For the snooze button showed off its resistance .
Time for class came,
But I was still absent from my own brain.
Fingers holding my eye lids like clothes pins just trying to stay awake.
Teacher looking at me like " is my class this lame?" 
Boom came the coffee train.
Oh boy, that gave...

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Misery to peace

I need to be honest with you about something i've been keeping from you.
I'm not see threw so I know how easy it is to keep things from you. Our first time through was rough and I really messed up too. I'm a liar. I would deny in hope that I wouldn't hurt you . In return it hurt me and made it even worse for you. As hard as it is for me to say, but I had a one night stand without you. Drunken to ...

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The words that came out of my mouth were so cruel, in the moment they were meant to hurt you, thinking you didn't feel like me too. 

But I know you 
And I know your heart is true.
This relationship was never meant to hurt you. Only to bring out more of you
Grown you have
To other ladies there is no other match
I hope in the end you felt I meant well
I know sometimes things in the end were...

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Backwards Y In The Road

Vacant a spot lays inside

Where two souls once intertwined

Dulled over time

They're almost here

In Disbelief that its almost time

Six long years and I am standing here

Eyes lock with a gift inside

Rejoined back together after a very long time

Fireworks explode as memories conjoin

Words unwind what’s been lost to time

Two souls parted now sharing old times

This vaca...

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The Invisible Gift

In our hand we hold a gift

A gift that is invisible to the naked eye

This gift is malleable for we shape it from the inside

Our gift was given at the beginning of our time

We shape our gift throughout time

The gift grows through the hardest of times

Our gift rewards us with the best of times

This gift can make things feel hard at times

Sometimes we resent our gift for it do...

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A wall of water is in front of me

Splashing my face with cold droplets

My surroundings feel so distant

The wall of water feels the closest

There is a person on the other side

Their silhouette standing in line with mine

I feel a closeness to this person on the other side

A thought reminds me of a time being on the other side

I reach my hand through to feel this person on the...

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A Thorn Left Inside

I can’t explain these feelings inside

They come from deep inside

They seemed to have been hidden with time

I search intensely to find the reason they’re inside

Something must have provoked them this time

For I don’t feel them all the time

Search I will, to bring them out from inside

A story unfolds from a memory in mind

Vividly I play the memory through my eyes

I feel a ...

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