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Bethany Sallis

Updated: Tue, 25 Oct 2022 07:31 pm

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yet another lover of poetry from the North of England. I live with my parents who are my greatest inspirers and critics. I work as much as I can in our local charity shop and also support the nearby animal rescue and homeless centres. I have been on this wonderful site before and am looking forward to continuing.

slotting pennies

If you haven't answered by the time my patience runs out ( yeah right! ) I'll take it for granted, that your love for me has come to the end of the line, literally! here I am caught by my, undying love for you like a Jurassic insect, imprisoned in amber in this yellowed by nicotine windowed phone box, stinking of urine that somebody, possibly a drunkard ( more than likely a man, since there isn't enough room for a knickers dropped lady to manoeuvre in ) so I keep on dialling and fretting, dialling and fretting for as long as my coins run out.

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 30th Nov 2022 22:55

Re "The Complainers Complaint"

Bethany I'm playing the part of a backward thinking biggot - I'm "extracting the Michael" (urine) 🤔😉

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 10th Nov 2022 16:43

A touch Beth, may I call you Beth, of days of visions of sea, sand and intelligence.

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