night vision

dark bodies and gravity..

wide fields stir pre-explosive

stars in disarray--


shimmering spectral displays become

echoes confined in my atmosphere..


radio stars scream long after

their lights disappear into the dense

emptiness of heavens' mass grave.

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before I learned mechanics, I learned to mistrust the mechanic ►



Sun 11th Sep 2016 00:28

Thanks all..glad you liked this. I really enjoy the opportunity to write in this forum.

I had a few metaphors in mind when writing this, and besides that, I'm fascinated with black holes.


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Sat 10th Sep 2016 15:42

I quite often get a feeling of awe when reading your stuff elP and that must be a good thing. Always open to interpretation like a delicate spider's web that can be destroyed when touched too roughly. Left alone it hangs suspended and attractive.


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Harry O'Neill

Sat 10th Sep 2016 11:40

I like the way this makes you think of a (post Big
bang? ) sequence of `pre-explosive` continual inevitable sequence of smaller bangs turned radio-telescopically into sound. And how space does `sound` dense.

It makes one imagine the `shimmer` turning into the `scream` (I wonder where it all goes?)

A good `thinker` this one.

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