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Last call

Its the final curtain lets see who was acting and who really hurting 

A burning desire to be a follower no matter the case 

Instead of showing some back bone you rather limp home with your tail tucked between your legs 

I bet you thought you was big dog on campus till you seen a real monkey act up 

Even a rose got thorns dont think a beauty cant defend itself 

You got grass thinking its special just cause its a little greener then that patch over there

But no we dont see no difference every blade gets cut when this curtain falls 

When the actor gets his grammy and the producer gets told its a slammy 

But im still locked in on this double whammy how i get here pouring my soul into a play that aint mine 

Its just walking spilling a cup of watches 

I hate that you think i gotta rhyme to get a needle thrown to the other side 

Admit in funny rethink what i told you in the last line i can drop a mine in faith knowing people will tread carefully

Stepping on toes you picked the wrong one 

Now its raining pieces but I'm not begging you to pay me attention

Since you only get paid for what you put in 

Im not mean i just want the credit the director got dont cut the small talk cut the check

Before i decide to ring a neck 

Its that last call but you aint pick up yet


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Mon 12th Sep 2016 21:03

Thank you

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Sarah Hill

Mon 12th Sep 2016 11:51

You anger has been beautifully spoken through this poetry, well done .

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