The Plight of the true Snow White

Her lips were red apples,

“Don’t trust lust!”

They called her a hag

Told me she had driven me mad!

“Kiss me” she said

And then I dropped dead

Because I realised my story was wrong,

Erased the ending they taught belonged

And then all I had to do was admit!

Write into the story and say:

actually everyone I am g-


“She’s sick, she’s just sick!”

“She needs a doctor, a cure!”

“She can’t be conscious, she must be in a dream!”

“Stop her or she won’t go to heaven!”

“How is this happening, she’s not had one man but seven!”


Indeed, no matter the 7 notches on my bed post, the 7 men in my life

Something, something just wasn’t right

But no matter my voice, I was written into the pages as asleep – early till late

Whilst the patriarchy around me decided my fate.

“All she needs is just one perfect heterosexual kiss,

A kiss, yes a kiss, from a royal dick!”


And so the prince came on his horse to elevate me from being this whore

And without knowing his name or his persona I was to be apparently cured,

Destined to love what I should: holy matrimony and motherhood

But on seeing me the prince grimaced and guffawed

It is said he ran off with a dwarf!


No one returned to the castle!

No one took the reign!

It seems we all went wild

Yet became completely sane.

No one restricted, no consensus to stoop or to bend!

That was my real story, that was ‘The End’.

consensusconventionsdeviancefairytaleheterosexualisationheterosexualisednormspatriarchyrape culturesexism

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suki spangles

Sun 11th Sep 2016 18:10

Congratulations on winning POTW Alexandra, and thanks for sharing this poem.

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Tue 6th Sep 2016 11:14

Thanks for your comment Graham. ? I was attempting to present the sarcastic viewpoint of a Snow White who does not fit the norms and conventions of the female fairy tale archetype, for she is not heterosexual, not a virgin, she has a strong voice, and her ambition is not solely marriage and children. As a young woman who does not identify with these norms, of course my own feelings are reflected.

Yes I agree elP! Hahaha, that video is brilliant and poignant!

Omg! I love the Bloody Chamber Laura, maybe that was subconsciously my inspiration after all.

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Laura Taylor

Tue 6th Sep 2016 09:43

This reminds me in some ways of a book by Angela Carter, which I would definitely recommend you to read. It's called The Bloody Chamber, and is a feminist re-working of old fairy tales. I think you'd like it ?


Tue 6th Sep 2016 01:40

I would say that most females unmarried before their twenties could relate to this--if not in fact, then allegory.

I couldn't help but think of this..


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Graham Sherwood

Mon 5th Sep 2016 19:26

Somewhere, buried deep in youthful allegory there is a autobiographical defiance that has simmered to produce this. Alternatively you're just telling tales! Hahaha!

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