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Wandering Mind

In the end all you have is yourself

People come and go

Feelings disappear

Broken hearts heal

The chance of ending up with him is 1 in 7 billion

But you cant leave yourself

So love yourself

“Whats meant to be will always find a way”,

But that’s easier to live by with a happy heart

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A Memory of Millions

The way the soft wind moved the dust to the field and kept it there sitting

The way the summer sun was setting and hit the dust just right in that open field

It glowed; bright; gold

Everything had to be perfect for it to look how it did

Now the sun has moved and the wind didn’t blow it right and it wasn’t the same

The chance I had to see that perfection was one in a million, but it ...

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You came and swept me off my feet

Before I even had the chance to breathe

I went in way too deep


You took me up a little too high

I never told you I couldn’t fly

And when you let go, I’ll meet the earth

Smashing; with gravity’s force


The stars in the sky

The stars in your eyes

All the bright lights made me blind

I promised myself, but look where I am



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You tell me Im worthless

Tell me Im nothing

Tell me that nobody, never will love me


You tell me Im stupid

Tell me Im fat

You tell me this all from my head where you laugh


You told me to do it

Said it was best

But it broke my whole family, ripped their hearts from their chests


Now I feel revolting

I was never alone

Killing my pain, killed all their ho...

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A piece of a poem

Love was just a word,

Until you came along

Now it is a feeling

So fierce, and strong


So stay young and just dance

And don’t listen to the lyrics

Because life is better

When you don’t fully understand

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Seasonal Bliss

Seasonal Bliss

The days pass by

Very little has changed

You marked my whole world

Showed me more than the grey


All I have are the memories

All the good times


You showed me who i was

The me I want to be

I just want to go back

And live it one last time


It happened again

You came then you went

The days are getting shorter

The further you get


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