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I didnt do it

That pain in your chest when your crying at night tears pure white 

Show me the pain and insecurities you continue to shoulder 

So i can come in like the rude friend that doesnt ask to come over 

Knock shit over

Running in the dark until I fall off the worlds edge whose missing me anyway

I think about that everyday falling asleep waking up still in darkness 

Trying to harness 


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sad poetrydeathdepressionend of life


Power is a word that I havent seen used properly 

You take that same anger and let it build 

Lets be honest we do not know what the truth is until we hear it somewhere else 

A deaf man can hear the difference in the tone of our conversations

I been looking foward to the end and i can not help it 

Its easier to play the cards you picked and werent dealt with

Im confused on what yo...

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Dark Symphony

Where is that car going ?

And why is it getting so cold 

Im not sold on this thing called life just yet

Its a hate crime to be stuck here in this hell hole

Pain is digging deep in my soul 

Lately ive been on cloud 9 waiting to rain back down

Get wiped off the windshield splattered on the ground

Oh put it in reverse run back around 

Those tires aint nothing but the continous...

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darknessnappydapoetrevengecold on the inside


Maybe soon or suddenly 

With unyielding feelings

Do tell me your hear me 

Dont run 

Is there really a cure for a lostness in ones soul

A map that takes you to your deepest darkest corners

I assure you the journey is well spent

Money trees that grow green and let it rain to the poverty

I'll walk past it like I've had it my whole life

Eventually Ill kill the doubt that pla...

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endingnew beginnings


This aint over look at me and tell me you love me and wont walk away 

If my neck breaks to look back and see that your still there tell me what shackles hold me 

You said you loved it forever and ever thats what you told me

Insomnia or 

A forever dream 

I dont know which one sounds more enticing 

The dark is getting brighter as the light approaches


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hiddenout of loverestart


Take a step 

Fall back let the situation rise to its climax

If im going to see death i want to hold her hand and walk off into the sunset 

We stop by to see sleep around the corner 

I got left on sleep front door homeless

Woke up a brand new owner 

New life new pain and new steps to becoming better

Walking into the sunset till it set fire

Transforming my personality till it...

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Why did you leave when the rain started dont you need a umbrella?

Do you need me to be your umbrella for todays showers

I will give you that I rather walk in the rain

With you through a thousand hurricanes 

Just to splash in puddles with you again

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reincarnationnew ink

I Never Loved You

Let it rain tonight the streets are so dry and ragged

Would you really be intrested in dancing out here in this rain

Pitter pat tip tap 

Its wild how you listen to idle chit chat 

Shoes that dont fit no but they come with nails in them

And that mile you walk has glass broken on the streets

Im so happy im not looking for that love anymore

Im so glad i dont get excited by that w...

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apologydeath of lovelongevity

Sleep with me

Stay with me dont leave me in this dark valley 

Lay on my emotions pet them tell them it can all go away

Everytime im sleepless i have images of our times coming and going

Eventually youll walk in that fire and understand the burning 

Peoplw will walk in an ember from hell just to find out where your going

Will we fall to our senses and stumble down lonely park drive 

I see the s...

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Every Part of You

I want every part of you on me

Catch my rhythm baby

Let me pound you to the beats of our hearts till our souls get lost

Lets find them in each others eyes

Give me something to play with somewhere to start

Tell me where you want me to finish

That climax we been chasing is within our reach

Why are you running from me entering your domain we have been here to many times

Maybe ...

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Coming Back

Sweet love you got something i havent had before and im a lover you just cant ignore

Hold your hands and open doors

Amazing thats what you are in every tense of the world

You give me butterflies in the dead of winter 

And in the summer time i get flurries

Feeling the beaming of the sun hitting my face in the morning 

You sleeping to the beating of my chest 

Waking up to me car...

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Hidden Gems

There it goes


Off in the distance where nobody can see me

I'll take time to write my symphony 

Every word is an earthquake of emotion rumbling your spectrum 

Hear the soul's beat and become what I've always imagined 

You have seen what I love and became what I hated

If it was something that was mistaken I could say i hate what i created

Pain did not end it but ha...

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long distance

Unsent Love Letter

This was my last reach my last time telling you that i dont, and telling you i cannot

I walked the walk and talked the talk and found out the other side aint that green

You decided that love aint gone dance on the floor Its not going to sing no more not going to go the mile for me 

Do you think i hate the moments I remember.... every step on the payvment

Why you think the sun doesnt sh...

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over itBooksfor ways to not fall in love

Loving You

Loving you is easy because your you 

Loving you ain't hard because all I want is you 

Walking through fire was easy I get chills from you 

Crossing the ocean was light swim cause I get and extra push from you

Getting the stars and moon for you wasnt a impossible thing cause this love gives me wings 

My words they beautiful they take after you 

My rhythm is amazing it took all you...

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loversbreak up


Most of the hell I went through is when I walked on egg shells 

When I grew up I picked those up and gave them hell, you were a temporary breath

Coming in and going out I hate that I want to hold you in knowing I gotta spit you out 

Yes it hurts we all feel pain and I hold the sword that stabbed us both 

Its not easy to be king it's easy to me that's why you won't understand 

To sub...

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Hate You

Bet you think I hate you like the moon hates the sun

But how can I hate you? Unless you feel like you earned it love 

I cant get time back but i can go take a watch back

I cant get love back but i can free myself from your trap

Lonely isnt bad

A tree can grow into a forest, or does it die alone and lay there and dwiddle 

If you hate me im fine like wine ill always get better with...

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New Life

I pictured pain in its true settings 

And i see you sitting in a chair arms folded head dazed

I bet the lies that you told sit on your soul

They fester and twiddle their thumbs 

Those hours on end that were just used for our own evils

And the devils that danced and the fire that pranced

Walking on the yellow brick road covered in ashes from the last fire

Doesnt look so bright ...

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Sex with the Devil

Happiness in those eyes

No more pain in those eyes

Never a lie told to me because what you got to lie for

Arms open ears turned body language focused

I got something to say and I need you to hear it but my mouth won’t speak it

If the relationship falls it’s because our love holds it up

It stops and starts our love stutters it needs some helping up

I love the unknown I need to ...

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confusedlove poetryundecideduncontrollabledismissivesexual awakening

I hate you

Yes I choose to be what I am anytime I make these decisions

I hate that I am the beast the feasts on your weaknesses and give into my gluttony

But I’m not all at fault and if I was would you fall into those cracks just to find my happiness

Or would you say it was unnecessary because you can find yours at the end of that fictional rainbow you so love to look at

If the world cracks apart...

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love endingovercoming writers blocksuffering


I am that pain you hide that fact that resides in the river of your thoughts

That sly feeling you get when you throw on that coat ready look in the mirror and smirk

The same embodiment when you look at that girl and she lifts up that skirt 

Or when you see that one guy who has been eyeing you ordering that same drink slipping his desire into it when you turn your head

Have you forgotte...

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low pointrise from the ashesnew leveldestruction then peace


Hello my beautiful morningstar

My pleasure that i hold dear to myself

Who's beauty I hold to my self 

I am the devil and i have deal to make before you waste your beauty here

Walk this green earth ignorant to pains existence or swim in your emotions and lose yourself like an ordinary human?

Does it not intrest you in what you could truely become a love a pillar of light in the dark


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darkness returnmotivationdevilsangelicalcohol.


Impossible to be separated 

This love wont be mitigated

You wont be disappointed, if i see rain i wont go there

Take me to the side when we met 

When i seen you on that last step

Who would of thought that was the first step into happiness 

We have came and went so many times ive watched you move from here to there

With nothing but each others best intrest in mind

We shot in...

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friends for lifebestfriendsforever

Painless Torture

This night oh this dark and lovely night where the moon dances with my eyes and till the sun rises again

I have not felt a pain so uneasy as this in years it brings me to the edge of my seat

My heart wont miss a beat

The heavier my eyes grow the more the night glows

And I must refuse to sleep

Body exhausted and my mind a bottomless pit of potential

Thinking of things of old and n...

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Dont Stop

To long we focused on getting here now you want to take your time

No lets take it off now put your problems on the floor let our bodies go to war some how when you lay next to 

 My body reaches its exctasy I feel pleasure in the way w eundress and stare into each others vanity.. you see my vulnerablities and make my mind go weak

But thats not enough lay down let my warmth envelope yours a...

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Its not in me but it speaks to mine directly contradicting my every decision 

I see a bad choice in actions i cant even see that as a lack of wisdom, i take it more as a detour 

To my land of freedom a place thats all peace and no waste 

Where all energy has a place and the face of love is seen and worshiped like the way it should be 

But ode to you and yours that find that love in bet...

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new beginnings

Mountain flower

I was walking pushing my soul into the floor when i seen a flower something ive seen many times before

It was gorgeous a true beauty to behold 

And innocent much like me when i was 10 years old 

Its petals were like mirrors reflecting the truths and the past 

Its leaves were so well concealed they were one with the grass

But there was one thing oh so unique 

The center of the flo...

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donefinishedhurtobliviousplain sight

Emotional Prostitute

Every heart wants somethings thats harder to get

Like looking for that rainbow in the desert 

Or the dry spot in the rain forest

But no some people are hunters

They prey on your weak emotions while you pray for acceptance

You could stand up for them while they stain your name when your down 

That same stain will be seen around town

Looking for love no im just a corner hoe for ...

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loveconfusionregretbad habits

Hole in the ground

I was walking and i fell in a hole in the ground

Its not like i wasnt paying attention

I was aware of every sight touch and sound 

Panicking i could or yelling is a option

But i rather sit here and think how did i get here

Ive ran into the headlights of life while watching deer

Is the world still moving is time still ticking 

Am i being to unattentive because i fell in this ho...

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Wrote a Symphony

I dreamed i wrote a poem with words wisdom and notes of beauty

Somthing so sound it could of woke sleeping beauty the queen of the east 

Joined hands with the demon of the west when i write it's not to write at you i got a pen and paper how could i attack you

What cause words hurt 

I mean they tickle a little but action is what makes a mistake 

You wanted something calling you out i...

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Running Trains

The last man last time looking

How far has he come and where is he looking

His bag is getting heavy he feels a little tired

The kids stop just to admire

His stature, Thier parents tell them dont stare please 

But all this makes the man feel at ease

He grabs his ticket like a eagle grabbing its prey

The teller guesses this man had a really long day

Trench coat thick black gl...

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break the cycle


The best role played on screen aint on screen

And life aint as pretty as it seems a beautiful dream of a ghetto where the grass aint that green 

But the life of a few young me with a pistol that they want to bang 

And they still think a black man hangs.. in the balance no it hangs in what if's and what of's

What if he picked up that book instead of that gun that teach bullets to fly an...

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Get it back

it takes time to realize watches only tick with every step you take 

And earthquakes only last as long as reality refuses to shake

I can sit her and talk about calmities and pretend like they help shape my world 

the only thing that shakes my inner makings and make all of my pieces stick together is that sticky thing love

It has me feeling invincible to harm and invisible to the negati...

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Me myself and I (Closed)

O what i wonderful day for me to wake up only to wait and see what horror lies ahead 

I shall not falter but tread lightly on this thin line and proceed to go on with my day 

Let me put on my boots work my hours long but fulfilling 

Learn my job hard but where I can achieve greatness but first i must be great

Talented as such myself will show me more behind the closed door 

I lie on...

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Open (neglected)

When its late and the rain pours and i wonder whos curves are at the door

Id rather ring you until you open wider while i fall deep inside yah

Am i wrong to have fantasies and longings to give you long things

Put you on your side to hear your moaning 

Feeling like a rock stuck in a pipe waiting to burst when it get to tight 

Let that water drip and make wave that echos to the mornin...

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sex and sexuality

Last call

Its the final curtain lets see who was acting and who really hurting 

A burning desire to be a follower no matter the case 

Instead of showing some back bone you rather limp home with your tail tucked between your legs 

I bet you thought you was big dog on campus till you seen a real monkey act up 

Even a rose got thorns dont think a beauty cant defend itself 

You got grass thinking...

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Pitch Black (hit&run)

Maybe my last step

Im not turning on lights

I wanna walk blind

Maybe fall in the road 

See a falling star going 80 miles an hour

But it all moves slow

Why move i like it here

No pain i cant feel a thing

Im content why go?

i bet if i jump wave around ill scare it 

and its all mine so i wont share it

come ill show you where depression lies

in a 2005 chevy lights


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deathsuicidehit and runacceptance


I hate the arguging and the cursing 

The fist fights using words and

The long walk through the fire aint no beach over here 

Its just a pilliar of mixed emotions waiting to get knocked down

Im not gone hold it up lets see how long faith keeps it up

Now im the one laying with a frown

You disappointed fine i get it but that dont mean you dont tell the shopkeeper wassup

You still...

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lovelessIf? hopeless feelings down depressionwaitingmisunderstood

The Call pt one

Hey hello how do you work this damn thing

I never had a problem till you walked in 

What a shame i was a better man 

Then i let curiosity take its chance but its amazing do you agree 

Is the line busy 

Dont matter you grabbed me by the throat with a rope now im waiting on you to hang up on me 

Im the same one they left hanging when it was cold out chilling on the backstreet


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Lawpolice killinghealing

Lonely Devil

I hear you screaming at me 

Haunting my good dreams 

While snuggling deep into my bad ones

If i ever had one 

I dont believe in dancing with the devil cause he got two left feet

Why dance for him when he could dance for me 

Play puppet with the weak minded 

Manipulation of the strong wheeled 

Till they roll down a hill 

Offering no brakes or breaks for that deal

You w...

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don't be hurtembrace

Walk Away

How cold can you be 

Shut a door with no handle on my side 

Shut me out like i just couldnt produce

Got me all me shaken like i seen my worse fear

But it is not on eight legs or a world without a sun 

A world without my sun

The light that brighten my days

The lips that enclose my pain

The ears that listen to my fortune 

The eyes that see my best

The curves that i driv...

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Dancing on the moon

You can hear the pitter patter of little feet 

But they are stomping on the clouds when it rains

And know its pouring and every tear the sky shares you feel that pain

Its not the best feeling but you cant run

Dont you think we know your playing up there fishing for stars and cooking with the big dipper

Catching fire flys then throwing them across the sky making us make false wishes


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Lost family

A Queen She Is

Dont think i dont watch you from a distance and dream what is

or look from up close to see whats a far

No rock no stone shall be over turned 

For this queen has earned her turn

Fall down trust me to catch you and hold you tight

When you have nothing left i wil tell you its alright 

A face as warm as the sun with a deamonr like ice

Or maybe a spirit free like the winds on a kit...

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Missing her

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