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If You Called

If you called 

I would run a thousand miles

I would walk a thousand miles

I would crawl a thousand miles

If you called

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Gene Trap

The sin of the father is the sin of the son

From, anger, to greed, to lust, every family has one

But to better ourselves and our own families

We try to be better, though it brings us to our knees




Though we try to be better, genetics and us

Work together as well as an old blunderbuss

In the hands of a fool, none the wise

To the power...

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Moral of the Story

Some may be weak and some may be strong

But it is for neither to look down upon

Those belonging to the other class

Because in the end we’ll know at last

The quality of all men, and how we are the same

From bones to dust, we return to our grave

A dark thought indeed but if you look at it right

Your innermost self might just see the light

The beauty of difference, of change, ...

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Why write another's quote when you've a heart full of your own

Do you think yourself less than them

If you do it's because you've never truly shown,

The light within yourself 

we are all better than everybody else 

When we reach the top of that pyramid called self

If we're all better then no one is worse 

If I'm ever the latter than put me in a hearse

If you're not unique y...

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I wish I was the story book me

The man I portray to those I love, 

 I tell stories like characters on TV

Well today I'll finally say enough 

I'll do what I promise and I'll be what I can 

Because that's the definition of a true man. 

I'll stop wallowing in self pity 

And get to the nitty gritty

Run through life's strife 

Because I know what's right

No more philosophic...

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