I stand on the edge of a cliff,

High above the water that assaults the rocks below.

I overlook the stormy sea.

Lightning cracks across the sky,

A horrendous sound.

Neptune huffs, he puffs,

He tries to knock me down,

He hopes to cause me to slip on the damp ground.

I hear it coming for me.

Its roar could intimidate a lion.

I see it coming for me,

A blue wave as high as the angry sky danced its way across the surface.

I feel it coming for me.

My body screamed Leave here now!

In the final moments, time stops.

I stare the wave down,

Hoping that I could control the storm.

I don’t move—

I let it take me.

I accept it.

I am a member of the world below the surface.

For a moment, I am free from the weight on my shoulders,

Noise is absent here,

The fish are at peace with each other.

Vibrant, happy colors surround me.

How lucky are they to live in perfect serenity?

I feel it now:

Darkness envelops my body.

The cold reaches my bones, my very center;

It tears through me now.

My arms, my legs work without a thought—they fight.

The surface is still far away.

Every stroke, every kick brings me closer to the finish line.

It ends today.

I can almost reach it now.

My head enters a new world,

My mind enters a new state.

The sun looks directly down on me;

It warms my face.

This is how I know the storm is over.

I have what it takes to survive.


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Harry O'Neill

Sun 25th Sep 2016 23:04


I like the straightforward tsumami-like way the metaphor of this progresses.

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