Magicians of Verse: Enter If Bold

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Sacred circle!

Magicians of verse

Council of elders

Conjurors of words


Body of experience

Each one unique

Passion that burns

Vivid beliefs


Tell of your life

Abrasive or harsh

Share with us pain

Reveal your heart


Be joyous! Share moments

Tender and mild

Recall happiness

With innocence of child


The circle is safe

No words disallowed

No mockery here

No suggestion turned down


Sacred temple!

Safe place to cleanse

Thoughts mirky and twisted

Through singular lens


Divest and release

Submit buried need to tell

Speak finally of deeds

To break their spell


Know silence and doubt

Clenched tightly within

Is a festering ground

For guilt and shame


Essence of pain

Cast into the pot

Dragged up from places

Long since forgot


Awash! tears flow

Hearts burst open wide

Allowing the circle

To peer deep inside


Contributions captured

Insightful lines

Encapsulate creativity

This magical night


Concoction binds

A collage of yarns

Spun into renewed

Tender woven art


Depleted and worn

The night ends

Lingering longer

Remain amongst friends


Spiral down stone stairs

Cross marble floor

Turning and twisting

Towards camouflaged door


Emerge from the trance

Touch cool of night

Let flickering lamplight

Guide you back into life.


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Frances Macaulay Forde

Wed 27th Jun 2018 03:15

I kept imagining your first WOL live performance... and was nervous for you.

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Nicola Hulme

Mon 29th Jan 2018 13:45

Andy and Nigel ... sorry I’ve only just found “notifications” on this webpage!!! A belated thank you for your support (as always!) xx

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Nicola Hulme

Mon 29th Jan 2018 13:37

Thank you Big Sal. I’ve just looked up “grimoire”. Fabulous idea! I’m running a spell writing workshop soon for children, so I shall create a family friendly grimoire to collate their work, and perhaps also create a darker version for my work. Thank you for introducing me to the concept x

Big Sal

Mon 29th Jan 2018 13:26

This magic is best if held in a grimoire to be shared and remembered, rather than be confined to the digital format most are familiar with. Either way, good poem.

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Andy N

Thu 29th Sep 2016 12:47

ooooh. excellent Nicola. top stuff.

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Nigel Astell

Wed 28th Sep 2016 13:38

Magical spell
put under
when reading
poetry of
collage enchantment.

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