Me myself and I (Closed)

O what i wonderful day for me to wake up only to wait and see what horror lies ahead 

I shall not falter but tread lightly on this thin line and proceed to go on with my day 

Let me put on my boots work my hours long but fulfilling 

Learn my job hard but where I can achieve greatness but first i must be great

Talented as such myself will show me more behind the closed door 

I lie on the other side but no fear as ill go get myself to bring me together again

Hello coworker who talks about thier problems but loses track of work

Hello superior who talks but words hold no worth me rude no 

But truthful in your weakness i may be of assistance 

Take myself for instance

I listened i learned i never tried to cut the corner with righty scissors 

Im a lefty

And i didnt cry over spilled milk you can bet me

Matter fact its time to.go home the day is moving along its just lunch 

But still time to go home enjoy a snack how do i like that 

Me myself and i have been talking lately you gotta know what you want

And do it on your own when you ask some one else thier face says leave me alone 

No i wont sit still without knowing it will get done 

Ill press one it so me knows im done im nit trying to paint vivid imagery in your head 

Just letting you know it was a long day instead

I hate using you not using you per say but using you 

It means i dont trust me so i left it to you but your never right and im always wrong 

So let me leave for work again dwell on that for a moment not long 

Just until you get it while I'm in my office hittin it oh im so rude continue with work

Oh my time stop running just skip or jump and do a flip

Day stiffens now im exhausted saying im exuberant is myself being very modest 

Ugh goodbye desk hello kitchen let me clean you and stomach let me feed you if i dont who will thats the immature will

I won't let it anger me ill let it be someone else downfall 

Too much is too much i guess but its fine when its not on your chest 

Breaking your back rattling your brain 

Your taking care of but complain about some pain ?

You what me myself and i will do it all 

Cause anything i do doesn't make you happy or proud at all me myself and i goodnight world

I took care of me better than myself i never mentioned you though


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