"It happened over the rainbow"



In a place called Kansas one day

A whirlwind struck taking Dorothy away

Zooming round and round

Till in Oz she was found


The trip began as she found her way

Along the yellowbrick road she must stay

Further along she met some new friends

A lion, a tinman and a scarcrow all three


She wasn't afraid now to journey on

They all were heading in the same direction

To find the wizard of Oz

Many obstacles they had to overcome


All needed something from him

He was the only one who knew

How to help Dorothy get home

Oh where is the Wizard of Oz they echoed


Watch out! Watch out!

Be wary of the wicked witch of the West

Staying close together was the best

Together they would see it through


Courage, a heart, a brain, the way home

Were all needed to be complete

After the Wizard of Oz they did meet

It came to pass it was time to leave


A tearful goodbye to Dorothy that day

Memories were made by all in Oz

Dorothy and Toto were now at home

Auntie Em she was longing to see


It all seemed like a dream to me

But the story lives on in all our hearts

Old and young love the Wizard of Oz

Over the rainbow there's magic for all


by Dorothy Gibbons



◄ Reality of the Heart


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Sarah Hill

Sat 8th Oct 2016 08:46

The whole story in a nut shell, clever.

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Sun 18th Sep 2016 19:00

Thought I'd share a poem I wrote few years back when I lived in Blackpool and attended monthly poetry open mic there dead good poet society. We had a theme night where we could dress up as a character I went as Dorothy thus poem I wrote and shared .


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