Penguins on Parade

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Willi Ronis


Although they hanker still

for desolate views,

they have learned to count

their blessings: migrants

taking a bowl of air

on this bitter afternoon.


Their formal attire

incongruous, their waddling

gait seems outlandish

to the natives they dismay.


Consorting largely

with their own,

they have tried

at least to pay their way

and not appear



With no one else

abroad on walkways,

lawns and benches

you would swear

that they belong,

shaking heads sagely

now that summer’s gone.





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Harry O'Neill

Fri 23rd Sep 2016 21:08

The back pair look like they`re scanning the flank before they make a break for it through that gate?

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Thu 22nd Sep 2016 14:24

I'm intrigued David - a great study of creatures that at once amuse and with great appeal. The phrase bowl of air seems to me to mean that they expect nothing . You probably meant something else! It has a lovely poetic roundness. Right to the heart of a subject with economy.
I well remember your work on metals, and the same sense of exploration came to me then.


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David Cooke

Thu 22nd Sep 2016 13:55

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