the man stood in the corner of the room

what happens in your dream she asks

me on a day at a time i do not know

and i cannot speak i am just terrified,

terrified of him, the man from my past who

is now stood in the corner of the room

fading into the shadow of the filing cabinet

like a detuned radio and he stinks, oh god

he stinks like a summers waste bin and again

she asks me what is wrong  and i turn to her

and try to say ‘can you not see him’ but

before i can get the words out he dances

towards me, arms floating and flailing and

there is this noise, like an air raid siren,

and it is coming from his mouth,

his mouth is gaping and expanding

as worms rise from his throat and fall

to the floor where they writhe and wretch

and all that escapes my feeble, frozen

throat is a single sound, a fragile and

fractured cry for help.



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Fri 9th Sep 2016 16:13

Wonderfully graphic and scary Stu. Who knows the origins of these capsules of fear and David makes a poignant case as well. I'll check out the film. This I feel has that feature that I have noticed before in that everything seems to come out in a rush like retching. It has a compulsiveness to it.

Excellent stuff. Glad you're ok now. Ray

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Stu Buck

Fri 9th Sep 2016 14:33

cheers david. i was partly inspired by my favourite scene from my favourite film, mulholland drive. i will paste the link below incase you havent seen it, its a wonderful piece of scariness and definitely worth watching

i am fine thanks, back to creating again after a couple of weeks of self pity and alcohol.

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 9th Sep 2016 14:27

I like this a lot Stu in makes sense to me, and my interpretation of it.

It is quite an horrific vision, sometimes memories or visions are so vivid they prevent us speaking about them.

I think this piece encapsulates that (for me) brilliantly.


hope you are doing OK mate.

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