..spent my blood like money


and left me to linger

like a beat dog

pacing a length of chain


without seeing

I know what you've done


your purchase lies

smothered inside

a plastic shopping bag.

cycle of oppressionpowerlessness

◄ before I learned mechanics, I learned to mistrust the mechanic

muddy water, verdant earth ►



Thu 22nd Sep 2016 00:52


Wed 21st Sep 2016 02:29

Thanks, all..offline for a few days. To tell the truth, most times when I write I couldn't put what I'm thinking into more succinct terms. To see to know to sense is one thing--to verbalize and transfer to others is another.


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Stu Buck

Fri 16th Sep 2016 22:44

another nice bit of literary intrigue with a good send off line.

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Fri 16th Sep 2016 20:02

I can see the many forks of your thinking here (I hope) elP. There is always the fragile construct that hangs in the mind and threatens to disappear. A rare quality . I can visualize a drug fix with all the paraphernalia.


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