“Save me”

She begs to you.


“Save me”

She cries as her hand reaches for yours.


“Save me!”

She shouts thinking you can hear her.


“Please just save me”

Tears flood her eyes as you stand there watching.




But not actually hearing.


Her cries for help fall upon deaf ears.


Do you even know her?


Why is she asking you for help?


Where is everyone else?


You look around to find someone,




But when you turn back,


She is gone.


The girl pleading for your help,


She has disappeared.


Now you are alone.


But you really aren’t.


Laughter echoes in the darkness.


Taunting voices speak of what you’ve done.


“She’s dead”

They whisper in your ear.


“You kill'd her”

You feel a cold sweat form in your palms.


“Why didn't you save her?”

You feel the sensation of a rope tightening around your neck.


“Time for your final judgment”

An ominous whisper tells you

as a fire spreads in your throat


You cry out for help as the rope tightens.


You beg and plead for someone to save you.


You look down one last time,

Red hands.


Your hands.

Stained red with that girl’s blood.


Your vision blackens,

And everything comes back to you


There she is,








And you knew that.


You kill'd her.

You murdered her in cold blood


She wasn't calling for your help.

She didn't want you to save her.

She wanted someone to save her from you.


I hope your happy.

Because I am.


Your time’s up.

I hope you burn.


◄ U.S. Military

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suki spangles

Fri 30th Sep 2016 00:30

Wow! This poem is interesting in terms of a synchronicity. I have just read Albert Camus' novel The Fall, and the first part of your poem reminds me of that. However the last part of the poem makes me think it is perhaps more personal? Either way thank you for sharing. Suki

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