Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is the destruction of the heart

It is walking across an endless desert occupied with faded mirages that show you beauty like never before

Constantly consumed by its wonder, constantly consumed by the despair for your love for it

She is the mirage, you are the lonley aching fool in an endless desert

You are the one slowly suffocating by the boundless intesity of what you find yourself in

A desert of anguish


Unrequited love is moving through a thick electric haze that seems to never end

Daggers cut you deep, bringing you to your sorry knees - breathless and bowed

Life slowly melts around you, everything sinks to a ground you forgot existed

You want to utter the word 'why?', but your lungs are crippled and beat

You are never aware of the collapsing of your true reality and a manifestation of distortion and falsehood


Unrequited love is being trapped in an ever tightening circle

Everyone around you is out there and you’re in here 

She is a fingertip away, reality pushes all its might against you as you try to reach her

With all your energy you extend your hand out to her - she cannot feel, with all your energy you scream out to her – she cannot hear

Reality has frozen you in position – stood there, arm extended, hand out – mouth open with despair and rage, tears forming in your still, wide white eyes


Unrequited love is like being a waxwork facing a painting it can never touch                                                                                                            

People walk on by, never noticing the sorrow between the two

But all this waxwork wants is to feel the painting, to feel its beauty, to have its beauty and warmth be radiated back onto itself

Eventually the painting is taken away, moved to a place where others can experience its beauty

And you remain


You remain

Looking at the empty space where the beauty once laid, never truly ever feeling its love, its meaning

Wondering if this is life now, wondering where the painting is or who gets to experience its wonder like you once tried to

No longer knowing if you can deconstruct the reality you manifested over her

Hoping one day the beauty can be replaced, the connection, the spark, the love... can be replaced


Unrequited love is toxicity in its purest of forms that grows to conquer every fibre of your existence

It drowns you under the dark night-time waves where moonlight cannot penetrate

But as one reality crumbles, a sun will rise in another 

One which will give you strength, one which will present a beauty so great your mind will be free from any pain you once had

It will give you freedom!


You will rise from your knees!

Rip the aching daggers from your chest!

You will stand and bathe in the sunlight of your new dawn!

And you will see clarity in love again

For love is beautiful.


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