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The Call pt one

Hey hello how do you work this damn thing

I never had a problem till you walked in 

What a shame i was a better man 

Then i let curiosity take its chance but its amazing do you agree 

Is the line busy 

Dont matter you grabbed me by the throat with a rope now im waiting on you to hang up on me 

Im the same one they left hanging when it was cold out chilling on the backstreet

Now i got better i can play with parameters and different letters

In cadence  

Or maybe a speed that i perfer and you find down right awkward 

Avoiding the obvious conversation 

Cast away cause i dont wanna pick up a gun and change the forecast to a rainy day

Not a play on words but i wanna write a play on words 

Something sophisticated that make you realize you enunciated your life wrong

I dont wanna be a athlete 

Be the guy you ridicule and call Ludacris or the guy sitting by the crucifix 

Deaf men hear a mans pain better then all even blind me can see us fall 

So dont judge behind your wall--- that hold lies got your brain circumsized but its dumb cause you dont get it 

It aint there cause you cant feel it right you gone tell me now that im a villian?

Havg up this phone did you call to mock me i dont take hints or pick up clues

I get the words for a mystery then throw em up on you im not rude imma urban poet who seen both sides

But when you flip me luck wont be on your side im honest i like a boat ride 

But you called me so you know it all right ? I need help a doctor maybe therapy 

Cause you scared of people that think like me ? On another plam 2 steps and a skip ahead cause i dont wanna end up dead

If the streets talking you would heard em said 

I want every black boy you got dead

So im hanging up now yes he is innocent now mr officer dont call me back

Lawpolice killinghealing

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