Call me the doormat,

The infestation of rats,

The ‘oh she ain’t all that’,

Call the kettle black!


Call me the diva, the princess, the moan bag,

The emotional one, oh isn’t it sad?

The hot head who can only nag nag nag,

That period trainwreck – a handful for a lad.


Call me whatever deflects most from what reflects

When you stand by the mirror and boast,

When you burn my heart to toast,

When you pinch my tears in your throat

….And swallow them like pudding.


But of course it is always I,

Obviously I have a complex, a defect

And my very existence is like an infection in your life!

Yet you’re the reason we met

…And keep doing so.


So call me what you like babe,

Keep calling me!

I won’t pick up, even now that you ‘behave’

Because it never stands even after you think you understand.


Itching at my insecurities, my flaws, my worth.

Bitch, like I’m intruding on your earth!

Trampling on my confidence,

bounce between follow and avoid

Then ask me – yes! – why I’m annoyed


And I like myself less and less

Because you transfigure me into shadows, crumbs, dirt

Till I question my self-worth.


So call me vain,

Say I’m throwing something special away,

But I love myself more than you,

So I’m giving you the boot.


Now they say ‘nice guys finish last’

But they’re tearing through my tape

And I don't think you run so fast

We will see who wins this race


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Alexandra Parapadakis

Thu 10th Nov 2016 17:21

Thank you both so much! ?

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 4th Oct 2016 16:37

Your work is like waiting for an edition of a subscription magazine. Anticipation is tremendous but then one has to go digging for the best bits. I like your work.

I'm never sure about poems that contain rhyming verses and blank lines, albeit they seem to sit happily together here.

Lines 1-8 are very very good and the last verse is a fitting ending to your extended venom in the body of the work.


Tue 4th Oct 2016 00:46

Such an air of defiance in so much of your work..very refreshing.


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