Remember Me


Remember me?

Sure you do.

Lets see.


You're so tired again,

Thats when you knew I was here.

You didn't want to get out of bed today,

Haha oh dear.



I know you don't like my presence.

But I'm here for a bit,

It doesn't have to make sense.


I've been so faithful,

Don't you know?

I'm here for you when others aren't,

don't say it isn't so.


Better call into work,

Take some says off.

You know all the others,

How they always scoff.


They don't understand,

But I do.

Why are you crying again?

It's not your fault your so blue.


You see I can't leave,

Because I am a part of you.

Depression is a bitch,

That you already knew.


depression helpless hopeless self-destruction


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