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I hate the arguging and the cursing 

The fist fights using words and

The long walk through the fire aint no beach over here 

Its just a pilliar of mixed emotions waiting to get knocked down

Im not gone hold it up lets see how long faith keeps it up

Now im the one laying with a frown

You disappointed fine i get it but that dont mean you dont tell the shopkeeper wassup

You still cant speak my language you know why cause im the voice of the town

Just sit there stare at me and tell me what pain you see

The sun and moon was in my reach i left it there cause everybody deserves to see

But you rather snatch it up cause you think its pretty or sum huh? 

Those same hands that prayed for yah was the same hands you ate from

If you feed the wild to long its gone forget how to live on its own

You not ungrateful but can you be happy for what i try to do 

Realize everybody aint in the same situation as you

Kid depending on the daddy 

Hell some kids never say the word daddy

I seen hell kissed the fire didnt burn my lips

All i know is i got kicked out quick

Cause acceptance aint giving up its knowing your situation and complication 

Rather you dealing with a bunch of hypocrites or racists

How you think i feel telling me what i cant and didnt do

Like a tree being cut down id move but shit i couldnt move 

Its my nature and depending on evolution 

Is rather my character decides to go on a revolution 

But im dirty and i know it and depening on the love i may or may not show it

but like that last wave in the pool youll see where it all started 

really depending on where your heart at 


lovelessIf? hopeless feelings down depressionwaitingmisunderstood

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