I see too much

You had me finally sleeping

Of you I started dreaming

they were made up images

My eyes haven't had the chance

To witness your vivid image.

What happen for me to ache so bad?

I don’t understand this.

How is it you I miss

You are no where

I cant be there

I've never held your hand

Your eyes I have not stared into

Though you are every where.

Without you I can not stand

I can not breathe .

I cant forgive myself.

I long for your acceptance

I know its wrong

How are you judging me?

My question shouldn’t be to you

what is worse then

Is its exciting.

My body imagines you

How I don’t know.

I understand I cant have you.

But lighting hits me when I see you in my mind.

everywhere daily

I catch my breath

I don’t believe you can do this to me.

How do I see your profile?

How do I see your smile?

How do I see your sleepy eyes

When I have never been in arms length.

Its got to be a demise.

I feel obsessive

I feel crazy, like you are mine and I cant…

I cant have this.

I cant pretend

Unless you let me in again.

I hate how I have to be scared

When the fact is in my happiness

I finally care.

I don’t know if its hurting you

Like its hurting me

But I don’t want you to let go

Please tell me you remember what you’ve seen

You need me, did you need me?

You want me just as badly?

Or am I wishing pathetically?

That this isn't worth me finally feeling.

That’s the answer I'm scared of hearing.

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