At first love was a pump, a needle,

Eyes wide when your high

...Or see someone you like.

Stifled, we always rivalled

Till no more, the beat became sore

And we spiralled, overdosed,

Hot headed, cold blooded.

Passion became blown out,

The anticlimax of a candle...

Like the heroin ran through her heart,

Like the cocaine contorted her chest,

Like the salvia had shaken her soul,

Like the meth had muddled her mind

And she was gone.

Only pockets of chemicals and cash remained...

And she was gone to me

Like there was only ever heroin in my heart.


◄ The Plight of the true Snow White



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Alexandra Parapadakis

Thu 29th Sep 2016 15:33

Thanks for the feedback!?

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 27th Sep 2016 15:09

This is uncompromising stuff.
I thought the lines before the four "like" lines and those after it make a balanced piece. Somehow (for me) they snap it in two somewhat.

Love the work though, it's something I couldn't do!

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