Thinking of home I dream of childhood days,

Though thoughts are clouded with the mist of time;

Rose tinted reminiscent backward gaze

Conceals childhoods’ real or imagined crime.


For home recalls the distant days of school,

When daily lessons endlessly conspired

To fill our heads with knowledge as a tool

That aided us however life transpired.


Many went to garner greater learning,

Away from home, alone for the first time;

Some remained to make a life and earning,

Continuing ancestral paradigm.


All those that did from childhood home depart

However long their sojourn may have been,

Still keep a kernel deep within their heart

That echoes to the calls of kith and kin.


For though they scatter all around this world,

Embracing different cultures as they roam;

No matter which strange flags may fly unfurled,

The truth is that there is no place like home.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 14th Sep 2016 12:54

In a nutshell - life for many...with its realisation of returning
to what you know and knew.

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