Please believe i was lost before this

You have limited yourself to me

How can I know anything

Besides that I was already fucked

Before you met me

I want you to not be the honest

Man you are being

But I cant ask that

To remake you

Change you into a lesser being

You don’t deserve someone

Who'd ask you to.

And I think the silence you give me

Is you saying you know it to

You have been trying to let go

Maybe there is nothing to hold

Your just entertaining the fact

That I cant breathe.

Your heart in pain watching myself

Do this to me.

What I need is to be put out of my misery.

There's a reason I fell in love

with what I had seen

we are so much alike

yet you're stronger then me.

I saw the same love you longed to share

But you gave up since you to saw

that no one really cared.

Here I am though arms tied

But I keep running at you

I just had to try

Through rocky paths

but with so much light

Blinding me from the aftermath

But for me I have to put up this fight.

I'm desperate to feel what I've only felt twice

Before my heart was torn with hate

I promised myself I'd never lose it again

Who knew you'd be holding the bait.

You hold me back

I know its what is right

You'd give me less if you didn’t hurt

for the you that’s part of me

If only I was as strong as that.

If only I could get up and brush off this dirt.

My heart aches

My body burns

I cant eat

My insides turn.

I have never seen so much of me.

I've become ripped opened for all to see.

You got in me and I cant find you

I don’t want you to be my ghost

I'm scared of being again alone.

You gave me the feeling

That I have always wanted most.

was lostnow foundlovei seethe lightpleasedont leave

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