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i found a stone on the ground at third Light
a blackstone blatant as a birthmark or 
ley-lines from Dystopia
but almost triangular; old mist
hung in high night air     green apogee
scrim from a chicken-scratch sky
this nano-scribes abound
these hills; the trees wonder blessed,
is the resting place of a certain ark.

it makes a sound
like animals when they kiss

or a stone skipping acr...

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one in the chamber

the world will always be a terrible place if you decide what's coming out of my mouth before I say anything.

Before you even know my name , you've already decided who I am and the min max of what I have to say.

and then we don't even have a conversation, you just scry keywords and wait for your chance to talk.

it goes nowhere

and when it goes nowhere, you consider that a victory.


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Also by Zach Dafoe:

ashigaru I (02/14/2020) | Athings I see when I close my eyes 2 |

cowardsdon't miss motherfucker don't miss


There's a place ten thousand miles away

where Britain's convicts were sent

but we missed a trick when they built it up

...we should have been charging them rent!

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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The howling of it causes angst

especially for those living in the

upper floors, who peer beneath

at ant like figures down below.

It wasn’t long ago the place was

built and now the blue and white

of flashing lights that herald police,

and fire responders to the 999 call.

In the aftermath of it once again

will then be posed the question of

who picks up costly insurance ...

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Also by Philipos:



entry picture

Are we being our most authentic selves and living authentic lives but only posting what we want the world to see? Using every resource to glamourise mediocrity and disguise pain? Authentic is defined as: “not false or copied; genuine; real.” And, my favorite definition, “representing one's true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person." However ,these days our primary focus is on social...

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"social media" authentic livesauthentic selflive your truthlove ourself

Closer to Homeland

We are being played

wearing pixels like crowns,

pupils dilate to hypnosis

in search of other worlds

we ponder what form

the inhabitants might take.

The truth lies hidden

but convinced, we cultivate

the fiction and the false alarms

the visitors and the abductees

in plain sight, cloaked.

We’ve exchanged a ton of kryptonite

for an ounce of A.I.

Superman for an f...

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New Car


Oh the joy

of a new car

as flashy as

a shooting star


the smell of it

newly acquired

much better than

one we had prior


puff out our chest

imagination fired

give it the gas

highway required


turn on tune in

hums like a choir

peek into garage

just to admire.


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I wish I could daydream like I did when I was a kid

when I was sat in primary school

bored out of my head

no teacher ever really got to me

I had daydreams only

occasionally they would be broken

on a rainy morning

when I'd see a mate strolling late

past the school gates

and I’d be encouraged at the sight of him

cos the day would become way better

than it had begun

there was a lot of fun to be had

even in days suc...

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Let's you and  me go

Together we go

Eagerly exercising inflated ego !


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



My eyes are turned dry

As you I haven't seen since a long time


My lips are parched chapped

As your softness It hasn't ever felt yet


My fingers are numb and anxious

They haven't touched you ever since you left


My soul is sick and crying

Everyday it builds hope which by evening stands destroyed


My mind is worried about your wellbeing

Thinking about our ...

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my birthday

This little do dah is not to be seen as indicative of my state of mind - it is merely a first draft that amused me to write - and it ain't me birthday :)



I never thought I’d live this long

but shuffle off thoughts

of death by slow dying


for today

it’s my birthday

it’s party time.


my black dog

faithful companion

has left me.

casting sly lo...

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Also by Rick:

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entry picture

When old gits gather, talk always turns to nostalgia – the size of Wagon Wheels and Mars Bars, for example.  A loose re-enactment of that Monty Python Yorkshiremen sketch.

At such a coven recently my mate remembered those pre-digital, pre-Facebook days of snapping a dozen photos on your Kodak Instamatic and taking the film to Boots to get it developed.  You’d collect your photos two weeks later...

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Also by John Coopey:


The Spring Let Them Sing

Petals coloured beside the sunlight

solace to my eager eyes,

watching germination

into the season familiar:

feet tracing the wet grass

soft and pacing, in the harmony of chirping birds,

liberated- for the spring let them sing.

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Also by Hannnah:

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spring season

unwanted affection

Unwanted affection


I’m writing a play about an older man who was helpful

to a woman crying in the street and he thought that

 was the end of the incident.

At night a knock on his door, the woman wanted

to thank him and before he could turn around, she sat

 on his sofa insisting on holding his hands and him

felt her hand was like a wet haddock.

He knew she mentally dist...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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The Singer and the Storm

entry picture

The Singer and the Storm


The screen above the singer

Flashed thunder, lightening, doom

When suddenly, from nowhere,

Real lightening, thunder, boom


The rain came down in torrents

Electric circuits blew

Custom made piano

On stage, left all drenched through


All poncho'd and protected

The singer led away

OK, but just bit shaken

Another Elton day



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My Songs

Songs of love and happiness
Erase all my feelings of sadness
Wipe away these tears 
And all my fears 
Nothing but blue
When I'm living with you
Nothing but blue 
When I'm listening to you,
My songs of sadness 

When I wake in the morning
You’re the first thing I want to hear
Start my day with you ever so near
Songs close to my heart
May we never part
I listen to you,
My songs of sa...

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Miss Fitted - Poem

You could tell she was trying hard,
Which girl doesn't try to mould their own skin to fit in?
You could tell she was trying to impress,
But as someone who knew better, I should have told her to rest,
But she was trying to hard to make it,
She was going all the way to fake it,
And I could tell,
She wore the sheepish smile,
But I knew this act so well,
She was like me,
I am like her,
She ...

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Foggy Window

I know not everyone can see it
The foggy window isn't would be 
That bad if you opened it Hope is only a lie 
So don't run for it walk 
Until you can see how fucked up I am 
Oh just so you know I'd give sell my soul 
For night in the moonlight with you

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A Hex on Me

entry picture

A hex on you, me hearties,

You pirates of romance

You scuffle, kerfuffle,

Remain curiously blank.

You contemplate carnage from a-far,

The TV screens flicker in your house, your car,

That's a fancy free-falling fact

Complacency intact

Keep your job,  no whistle blowing, no fighting back.

So, slink yourself down in your slough of despair

And convince yourself, the world...

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Who’s Next

From Mozart to Metallica,

and Brahms to Barry White,

the gamut of Britannica,

I change it round each night.


I close my eyes in ecstasy

when Slowhand plays guitar,

and Louis Armstrong’s legacy

just proves he was a star.


Young Elton too, he wasn’t bad,

and he could even sing,

but he was only just a lad

when Elvis was The King.


Sometimes I’ll fancy r...

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New Therapist

She sits there her book full of latent codes,
a way of communicating so no-one knows
Rambling on my life, traces of a history unread:
a mind full of trash and misdeeds unsaid.
She's a pristine therapist, who hasn't lived,
expecting me to say all and give,
when I couldn't give a shit about her plan.

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Also by Emma-Jane Stradling:

You made me do it |

Counsellingmothers. childrenmy past experiencetherapy


For many years I walked in shame

With my head bowed down not looking anyone in the eyes

Shame for not being good enough

Shame for not being wanted nor loved

I sat in darkness wondering if I would ever be able to find light

Sat there wondering, if I would ever be worthy or enough

Then a voice whispered in my ear, " I am here."

The voice got louder and yelled, " I am here."


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godheartlovenot enoughraysshamesmilestrengthsunyearning

A Tall Glass of Yesterday

Bottled up tight

blanked out regrets

bitter taste

hard to swallow

that lingers longer

than it should

dark memories

stand tall again.

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Bottle labelled empty

The Fisherman

Toss the wistful dreams of men as coins into the wishing well,

That they perchance be answered as they land upon its bed,

Watch the anglers hook the fish that can't resist their skillful spell,

And cast their careful crafted lure to bob above the fishes head,

Pray the fish that's caught that day holds the essence of your dream,

Pray the patient fisherman who gently reels it in this ...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

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The Truth


The Truth


“Where's the truth, then?”

coughed a scabrous beggar,

eyeing me from a Portuguese pavement,

“where is it, you faker, where?”


“Really want to know?”

I smiled back: “Try this:


“Truth lies, really lies,

through its teeth

lies like a clumsy dentist

who never hurt anyone,

pretending cleansing truth

lying underneath the pain.



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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Things Seen Less Clearly |

A balance check

I went to my bank to draw out some money,

The cashier was charming ,helpful and funny.

"Is there anything else I can do for you while you are here?"

"I would like you to check my balance please my dear."

"Here's your eighty pounds ,please will you sign,"

She gave me a push,"And your balance is fine."

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Also by hugh:

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The nothingnesses

entry picture

A poem from my drawerling,

to wit red notebook 1998


what is a nothingness?

solely an adumbration of

the voidness – forsakenness

an accustomary expression

an extinct volcano

– ad invinitum

the little animal

killed by the children

haply a starlet

- the dead

a ground of the bosomlet

from stone

or mayhap

the leaflet

fallen downward

the whole pict...

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Tyson Our Gypsy King

Tyson Fury our King, The champion in the ring. 

He wins the fight effortlessly then starts to sing 🎤 

A pleasure to watch The Gypsy King fight

Hold  on to your seats tonight is the crowning night 

Wilder had not a bloody chance to win this one

Everyone cheered as each round moved on

Third, wilder tired, fourth he was done fore 

5th troubled Wilder thinking please no more 


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boxinggypsyKingTyson Fury

Underwater World

An underwater house

In an underwater world

With underwater guys

And underwater girls

In a subterranean

homesick land

Where mermaids

take you by the hand

Their bodies gyrating

to water music

With a strong backbeat

you can shake your booty

Some of those maids 

are raunchy fish

But not in it

for the money

If you get my drift

So if you fancy copping o...

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Hush now little seedling

Don't be afraid of the dark

You're going to grow and flourish

I'm giving you the best start.

You're going to be so beautiful

and do such wonderous things

You could be a saviour 

lets see what summer brings.

It's going to take some time

So be patient through the rain

You're part of a whole forest

Nature's whispering campaign.

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Also by Natalie Rupik:

Vengence | Goddess | Speak up little girl | Greenpeace | Perspective |

growing seedgrowthlife and nature



slither in
the blind
changing shape
in time
rearranging in
the berm
tadpole losing
its squirm
dragging from
the rough
to hop on
the bluffs
head out of
the hudge
cues from
nature's nudge
breathe in
back to
root through
can't explain
the genesis
of a 
wings beat

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

Away from home

Away from home....

Here I am , taken far away,

Far away from where we stay,

All I know is that this is not home.


I am surrounded by strange,strange isles,

And home is far away many,many miles.


I lay on a strange pink I land,

I know that this is not my land.


In my home I want to lay,

I don't want another adventure today.


I don't want to be stuck in ...

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Also by Creative Candace:

Inner beauty |

Antonio Porchia

This was copied and pasted from my friend's website the aphorisms are so brilliant that I wanted to share them here. 


Antonio Porchia


Antonio Porchia was born in Italy and lived in Argentina from 1911 until his death. All his writings (aphorisms) are contained in one book: Voices (the following quo...

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What is time

entry picture

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The Ways

I could fall in love with this man 

and the way he brushes his teeth 

the way he combs his hair 

the way he cherishes me 


I'm going to fall in love with this man 

and the way he washes dishes 

the tension in his arms, the concentration in his brow 

turns me to putty in his hands


He leaves me speechless, this man 

even when he dreams, the soft rise and fall of h...

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Do You Ever Also?

entry picture

Do you ever feel like you're the protagonist of a book?

Where the ending is constantly being rewritten and you're just waiting for the day that it's finally gone through all the edits and gets published?

But what happens if it's a novel that has 7 parts?

You might never even get to read the last written words or get to the final chapter of what you thought was your

"perfect ending."


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elifallaselijahfallaselijahjamesfallaselijahsaintjameshorizonoverthinkingpoempoetpoetrysadthoughtstroubled heart

In Search of Mermaids and Lighthouses

In search of mermaids and lighthouses is where you will find him and me.

Seeking sea things sets us free from daily monotony, broken hearts, Advil bodies.

We thrift shop with childlike wonder, forgetting about adult things like settling debts, stagnant relationships, mortality.

Mermaids and lighthouses beckon us to dive into a green-flag ocean of time where life is sublime. 



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Also by Vautaw:

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lovemermaidspassionpeacerelationshipssea life

Conscious purposes

Depths of depravity,
Sickened dogs in the corner,
They die in peace.

To feel shattered,
In the waterless world,
Nile's gone red.

Wine in the hand,
And bible in the other,
We stand inbetween juxtapositions.

Something deep within,
You can't run from darkness,
A necessary evil.

You do know the ends of fog,
You mustn't see past me,
I am opaque against the facetious moon.

With each door ...

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Also by Alita Moore:

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Falling Alone

She studied the picture one last time, memorizing each pixel that made up his face. 

Her evenings were quiet and her mornings were rushed, but not a moment went by where she didn’t think of him. Oh sure, she found ways to distract herself from letting her mind wander, only each time she paused she began to ask “What If”. 

They left things in such a strange place that she felt too apprehensiv...

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Also by Itsjustmedownhere:

Work of Art | Growing Pains. |


Scared of the dark

Papa, papa tell me what you see?

Yellow eyes my boy, ugly grinning teeth.

Quickly, quickly we must run and hide!

Tell me why papa?

For that is what, goes bump in the night.

When I am big and strong, will you show me where the monster, it sleeps?

Never my boy, it is too scary for me,

Stay hidden, stay quiet, keep your eyes under the sheets!

HELP, HELP a young man shrieks!


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Also by The Wicked and the Kid:

Pointless | Weakness | Vengeance | Unanswered |

Saga of April Dark: Song Seven

And here I am
In this dark
And there he is
Padded and on guard
I see his movement full of thought
I see his breath 
Not quite soft

Maybe not tonight
Maybe he senses
All of my want
My need 
My attrition
It's been such a long, long trip
Just once more, sleep

I remember when Anders first walked in
So tall and pale and dark within
The depth of eyes that felt too big
When concentra...

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An unexpected and searing pain

I crumpled with an agonised scream

I was breathless with disbelief

I fell foward as others screamed also

People coming and going

A shot rang out in the distance

I am going to die here and now

These words rang in my pulsating head

I was turned on my back

Words of comfort were softly spoken

I prayed to God , Save me please.


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Size Matters!

Size Matters!


Jack and Jill were getting wed.

(Jack’s dad thought, Jill was nice).

“But, let me give you, Son,” he said

“some fatherly advice.


On the day, I wed yer mam

I nipped ‘er straight indoors.

And, being ‘t sort of bloke I am

I soon laid down the laws.


I boldly took mi trousers off

and told ‘er, ‘put ‘em on.’

She drowned within a sea of cloth


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Also by John Andrew Nield:

A 'Valued' Friend! | The Trouble With Nuts! | A 'Snitch' in Time! |

funny poemsfunny versehumorous poetryhumorous versehumour

Trapped in My World

Twisting and turning in bed
these racing thoughts
leaves me not knowing what lies ahead
My cuts run deeper then my veins
After the bleeding stops
I'm put into retraints
Who count's the days
I'm locked up?
When I get out
I cover the scars with make-up
Back to my room
alone with the voices
I'm left with only a few choices
Take the happy pills
Take the sleeping pills
To try and kill

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Also by yaminah zurita:

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Wheel of Fortune

Every time you greatly suffer,
And with your life be disappointed.
And you feel that there is no hope,
And all things seem so disjointed.

Every time you feel lost,
And ask yourself: What can I see?
And you feel that there is no future,
To find a purpose for being me.

When you feel the whole world mocks you,
And that it always seems so cruel.
When you feel you have no place in life,

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

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Bad LuckFortuneLuckMisfortuneStuart VannerSuffering

People Are Messy

It helps to keep a distance

If it’s too late- call maintenance

They leave a mess; hard to clean 

What’s worse- some will stain


People are messy

(Wear gloves)


They will try to get inside you

(Don’t let them)

They will often go behind you

(Forget them)


Bury them under work

Create distance with points of view

Be difficult they’ll learn

But not in ...

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entry picture

Poem 67 of 230: AT A POND

By habit,
At a pond,
I'd look down
Into it,
With the wish
Of finding
Signs of life -
Like goldfish.

At Glasgow’s
Gardens neat,
There echoes
Such a wish,
In the form
Of a fern
In a dish -

With nice fish.
(These days, though,
Are my wish.)

(C) David Franks 2003 - 

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Entirety (The Whole)

entry picture

The sights of ourselves still shape us to divide,
immediate response to the craves and madness,
we feel the way we feel but tonight it's you inside,
burried in the senses out of the lightness.

And days are still days but the trouble collides,
for all the reasons we chose not to revile,
and all our fears, childlish alike,
echoing through our minds, rejecting denial.

Stay where you are a...

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connectionlove poetrypoetrysad poetrywritingwriting poetry


Black is an absence of colour

defining an absence of thought,

so let's fall in love with colours instead,

dark sombre chocolate

and variations of dusky ivory,

forget what's in your head.

Can we dismiss green as one tone,

stand at dawn and be cheated of the light?


Should we be judged blinded of love,

allow fear to drive us to extremes

and into the arms of darkness...

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Also by ray pool:



Alone was a place I never expected to find myself,

But I found myself there.


And it was there that I found myself.

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