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Double Helix

Will the family tree forever forbid

the construction of a hamlet of hope,

insisting instead on a Potemkin village

primed for sardonic remembrance to pillage,

with all those anachronistic injections 

of melancholy and ire and rejection?


Perhaps the bloodline is too boisterous,

the pedigree far too traitorous...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

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The Great wall of lisa

She's building since she was a little child

Not always living free and wild.

She learnt to take down' some small bricks 

But certain things' make the bigger bricks stick .

Words that wore said

Never left her head 

And made the wall grow taller .

In her bed the words consume 

In return  leaves her feeling smaller.



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Also by Lysa d:

Five stages of ask my ballowx |

What Shall I Write About?

Always thinking of new topics

With hands in my warm pockets

Sometimes it can be very easy

Making me feel so blithe and breezy


But some days, it can be hard

Feeling like the brain is barred

Don’t want to bore my lovely fans

Drawing out various ideas and plans


There is so much to write about

But I continue smiling inside out

Making my pieces short and unique


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Also by Aisha Suleman:

Eyes Do The Talking | Let It Snow | Cheer Up | The Storm | Put Your Hands Up | Enjoying Life | Full Lockdown Again | Be Yourself | The New Year |

The Wooden Flute Played Slowly


A peasant girl conjured by song, her story-
    and my tower of arguments 
         tumbles right away.
Guardians of my status quo 
     thin like smoke
           and are gone.
I myself bead with sweat 
     to establish a homestead
          where the lark and the kite soar free.
And if morning tide shows my holy fever
     cured and way downstream
          let me shiver in a fr...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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A Game Of Pool (part 4)

A Game Of Pool (part 4)


Anyone else would have taken it as a compliment

When Fat-boy said

“Signs of a misspent youth”

But my dad didn’t see it as such



He brought the cue down on Fat-boy’s head

Smashing the cue in half

And splitting Fat-boy’s head clean open


His reaction shocked everyone in the room

Even me

And I was used to his violent mood swi...

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Also by kJ Walker:

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The world seemed white for a while
Even though some were roasting 
They fell so perfectly into their pile
Like soldiers from heaven rescuing 

They covered our sadness 
Glazed over the madness 
A distraction from dangers 
Landed beautiful strangers

The world seemed white for a while 
All the dirt and the darkness covered
By sparkling diamonds with style 
Over them we tentatively hove...

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Also by Alonelymouse:

Honestly |


Our bodies borrowed from the universe

Made of stardust

Everywhere and nowhere at once

Souls having a human experience

Moving ego aside to freedom

Inspiration guiding our actions

Through universal connections

How often the truth hides

Right there in plain site

Seek and we find

I am the seasons

Life to renew

I am divine

And so are you



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Also by Dean Fraser:

Wainwright - The Shaper of Lives | Heather | To Dream Of Greatness | It Must Be Him | John | Windermere Calls Me Back | Walking With Butterflies |


Old Poem

Come on, come on, close!
Won’t these lift doors ever close?
You breathe into my mouth
my fingers invade your finery
I was hypnotised across the table
by the explicit silk of your bare shoulders
Now hot air slathers at my forearms
as our legs entangle their thick reef-knot
Behind this crashing waterfall
no one can hear us moan
as you’re bitten for the thrill of it

And in this lift, we ...

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Also by Tom:

Murmuration |

I have a heart too

When talking about rights, we often mistake rights, as something only humans can possess. But rights are nobody's property. Human being is not the only organism on Earth. We mustn't forget that we share Earth with numerous other species. Hence, every organism has got rights. But we don't respect these rights. Here's a poem that depicts the feelings of a few animals who've been captured and oppress...

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Also by Mahira:

The light of love |




They call the first full moon

of the new year

the Wolf Moon

such an intriguing name

such a beautiful sight

you want to pull it closer

as it casts its spell upon you

it lights the winter sky

fills you with awe and reverence

I don't want the scientific explanation

I don't need to know

I like the moon the way it is

full of romance and mystery

a thing of bea...

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Also by d.knape:

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A Love Song (forever)

A Love Song



There was a time

When love defined 

All of the things 

life could show


So undermined 

By routine & time 

Upon our own tide 

we ebb and we flow 


A fork in the road

A different abode 

What would these old eyes

Of mine now see? 


Perhaps without love

Perhaps then I could

Get over how much

You mean to me 


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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

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What Matters Is

It does not matter
if we choose to dismiss it
if we do not believe it is true
It does not matter
If we feel no threat or danger
if we think it is just like the flu

It does not matter 
if we prefer not to see it
if we switch off the daily news
It does not matter
if we select not to hear about it
if we hold our own beliefs and views

It does not matter 
how we describe it
there is n...

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Also by julie callaghan:

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Living in the Real World


What is the real world?
Now, where do we live?
Can't we forgive?
Do we ever learn?
Our minds like a sieve?

Some say, "We need war."
But all war is hell --
Yet peace we repel
The twisted with hatred
are under a spell.

The real world is we,
The real world is them--
Sharing, to free --
Diverse as we are,
Can't we disagree?

Now, it seems
fear is ruling our day.
"Might is ...

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Also by Brian Hodgkinson Jr.:

Almost Entered | Already Written | Window Frame |

evolutionforgivenesshatehatredrealityworld war3 the end

"There’s A Hole In The World."

There is a hole in the world, 
And all the common sense and good will pours in with the tumbling seas,
And it’s not for want of knowledge or understanding that we stand back and watch it flow away,
It’s just that we imagine that this is a problem that can be saved for another day, 
But other days aren’t coming,
And the price of our wanton, wilful ignorance is numbing, 
See, you learn from a ...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Terra Mater (Mother Earth) | Definition? | If I Was A Sailor | A Walking | Don’t Cry | Dumbstruck | Save Me A Place At The Table |

Underlying health issues

George was diagnosed with cancer three years ago,

Monthly treatments had kept the symptoms low.

He was told he would survive another ten years.

But the covid pandemic severely hightened his fears.


He was told that if he catches covid,his cancer treatment would stop,

As a consequence into his coffin George sadly did pop.

In his case his cause of death was covid not cancer,


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Also by hugh:

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The Queries of a Heart that is Torn

I feel it itching under my skin
clawing away deep inside
I thought i could be myself around you
now i am just sorry that I ever tried

I find myself bending over backwards for you
trying to leap through these flaming hoops
Still, it isn't a choice that you choose
For that wouldn't ever, benefit you

We're winding down this endless road
neither of us can find any hope.
Still we hold ont...

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breakupheartbreakheartbreaksloss of lovelost loveloverelationship breakdownrelationship decay


When getting to much,  is never enough.

You know personally.

That dealing with a sex addiction is fuckin` tough stuff.

In the check-out lines,  and on the sides of the street.

Everywhere I go,  I am hoping to meet.

Those like minded partners.

To make todays fantasy complete.

I think of kinky things to do,  all day in a daze.

Imagining having sex,  in a hundred different way...

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Also by J.D. Bardo:

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"Love on Sloppy Grounds"

 "Love on Sloppy grounds"


Distant mother, your hand

Walked me down lonely paths

To pick seeds of sorrow  

Sown in the days love was at its peak of excitement


One seed smelt like promises that failed

The other like passion on the bed of deceit

You kept quiet while, I, an indigent child

Picked pain like nuggets on a sloppy valley


Every grasp injected me with...

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Also by Emeka Collins:

"Held in Her Palms |


Often used as a fake New York city from 1920 but Manchester, you ain't fooling
The mucky Neo Roman columns built on hurt and hierarchy are testemant to lives,
lived in poverty.
Lowry could see, he correlated the city funnels with, human misery.
Here I sit, here I stare, at the weathered wealth of my city,
Old buildings are barely standing,
Outflanked by looming apartments,
But I'm ...

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manchestercitynorth west city

Gypsy Rose

the future has ghosts too

queuing up just waiting

we give them substance

by living dying mating


sometimes you get hints

they call it premonitions

or that indefinable frisson

whatever the definitions


clairvoyant at the seaside

read my palm for sixpence

said I'd wed a gyspy, who

did have a second sense


lit me with superstitions

she could read my ...

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Also by simon lucan:

Insomnia | Spice | Electric Ass | Masks And Whiskers | Quarry Hill Flats | Hive | Homeopathy |

gypsy rosepremonitionsclairvoyantpalmseancesghosts

Cat Tale

I’ll put in a good word for you
when I visit Bastet,
who resides in her kingdom
along the winding Nile
I’ll tell her all about you

I’m happy to do this for you
because I am fond of your fondness for me
And the belly rubs too, of course!

When I return, I can lift your spirits
if they are in the black corners;
pull them back from the darkness

The Goddess sends her regards,
and than...

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Also by Mike McPeek:

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Photo by Carlita Benazito on Unsplash


 When I have been drinking a lot
 The Irish way — night and day — 
 I think who would wish to fall in love?
 You cannot wish it to happen
 Like the sun, once, happened,
 You cannot let someone love you,
 Without smelling early morning 
 dew on a rare May day.
 And if not, well, loneliness is short,
 The important thing is not to hate

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Also by John E Marks:

Anna Akhmatova - poet | Covid patient | These empty streets | IMPERIUM | Bill | Our endless numbered days | Summer snow | Gorffwysfa* | 29 May 1453 - 11 September 2001 | Stormy weather | WOODY | NEW INSTRUCTIONS | Heavenly | Evolution | Viral | ICU doctor | The sting | Revising the rain |

Graphing the decline

A hawk across swiftly sweeping clouds
Nimble nimbus, left to right, north to south
Fluid spraying out of mouth, moths meandering
Slandering ourselves, shelves growing empty
Last piece in your puzzle heart fitting gently
You lent me, a spark of empathy
A chance to see things differently

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Also by sandbar:

Pixel tomb | Soap scum | Rice paper band-aid |



News media, print media, social media, so many voices

All striving to speak truth to power

Believing they are worthy of the final destination

Their prestigious ivory tower 

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Also by Joe Marcello:


My Heart Does Long for You

My heart does long for you

In all its strangeness and confusion 

It stays sure of its love for you


It cowers down at the world 

And howls and bites back

It needs so much to be close to you


My soul gets crowded

And feels lost in the kaos

And seeks like a beggar our Lord


Sleep is fleeting and elusive

Peace comes only inside mania 

And melody within a m...

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NEVER AGAIN - a song lyric

I'll never fall in love again

You won't find me like other men

A hopeless sucker from the start 

When it comes to affairs of the heart

The same old story since lord knows when.


I'll never smile again and say

I'm yours forever and a day

A stronger man is what I'll be

There'll be a complete change in me

I'm headed another way.


Love may lead other men on a danc...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Don’t mind

boozing in illicit bars

We’ll find

a rave and drive there in our cars

Cos this whole quarantine

Just applies to has-beens

But it’s not for us teens

Cos the kids are alright.


Don’t mind

meeting up with other guys

I’m fine

if later some old gimmer dies

From the plague that I spread

Just one more old git dead

I’m OK, cos it’s said

That the ...

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Also by John Coopey:


break these chains

contemplating her next move, 
the pounding within her chest 
told her what she already knew: 
she had to break free from the chains 
wrapped around her wrists. 
there was no sense in moving, 
for every wriggle 
tightened the grip.

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Also by kimberly:

take my hand | Cupcake Dreams | Home | The Looking Glass |


Don't twist your words 

inside out and grouse

because English is hard.

Tune out, goof off, give up,

crash and burn. I don't care. 

But you'll never experience that

small light that appears. Never. 

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Nineteen eighty four came and went

like any other year 

big brother

and you never blinked an eye.


Some lessons to be learned no doubt

but within the context of raising expectations

Thatcher made her move

of which some wide boys did approve. 


Some tokens were retained

like the numbers and the tags

redesigned by master computers

and then the issuing of volu...

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Also by ray pool:


A Game Of Chance

I put my head on the pillow and drift off….


Shiva sweeps aside the remnants of yesterday:

Gains, strivings, losses and ambitions

Clearing the table for tonight’s game

Flanked by greater and lesser angels and demons.


I’m lost in dreams while a silver ball spins against the

roulette wheel of my soul.

Each number an affection, a state of being

randomly selected for t...

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Also by Wandering Biku:

A Different Blue Monday |

mental healthmental illness

Death of a Snowman

I began to be sorry when his carrot nose

seemed more like a last cigarette.

That jolly smile held a hint of concern,

his scarf far too big for his neck


Tomato eyes glowed in the shrinking face.

The fur hat was suddenly de trop.

He started to lean over, apologetically,

as if someone had struck him a blow


As the pale sun shone he looked quizzical,

more diminished...

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Also by Greg Freeman:

TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR WRITE OUT LOUD ... | Candlemas | The spears of spring |

Absinthe Alley with my Green Fairy

lying face down

while sailing on green clouds

of absinthe


paddling my spoon

on blurry murky pools

tides bite back

frosty ice cool.


juggling streets

while skipping stones

bounce with heat in my chest,

beep beep 

my vest drips

puddles of sweat.


cat eyes

paint the sky

on this ceiling


angry smoke

burns my black lung chimney


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Also by Rob Cohen:

The Revolution of Old Possum (il miglior fabbro) | the night never ends | The Edge of Realism // for Michal Mraz | (Hocus Pocus) absurdist daydreams | the fashion of fascism | the triumph & THE TRAUMA | post-modern schizophrenia | insomnia hallucinated ranted proverbs | ∀ sunset // ∃ sunrise | 11/01/2021 (for W.H. Auden) | Thoughts on Shawshank Redemption, 2021 | pretentious highbrow poetry & other ways to lose friends | Teletubbie Television | // Louder Than Bombs // | Sehnsucht // Tragedy on Old Kent Road |

'I'm fine'

There is a river that runs through me

But I can’t see its colours shine so brightly

I keep them all so confidential

And all of the breakdowns so existential

‘Going mental’, the mind’s so fragile


Can’t it be easy like it was when we were kids?

You grow up, some days stare into the abyss

But there is nothing like true happiness

You must hold on to happiness


When ...

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Today I saw Tomorrow

As I sat alone in a Wintergarden 

sipping my Tall Boy and gin

a wondrous vision of tomorrow.

Mountains grafted to skyscrapers 

and dragonfly drones. 

I read from, "The Opening from The Knights of Surrogates."

CHAPTER EIGHT: Complacency is the best policy until it ain't 

Cars were wastes of space unless they were houses on wheels 

Bubble taxis floated from fare to fare


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Also by D.W. Hamilton:

2021 | Aquarium Hotel |

Deep Dark Eyes

Can such deep dark eyes

like peat river pools

make their desire so plain?

They certainly can.


But, regretfully withholding

considering too long

how many lives might be hurt

far more than only mine.


So forgot, or at least tried to

those pleading dark eyes

but secreted them away

as something very precious.


Warm and consoling

to quicken sluggish b...

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Today is a day like any day

Just I feel more alone than any day

My family and old friends are far away

They built a world without me

A world with different rules

Rules and codes that I cannot understand anymore

My lover is here but his mind not

I suppose he feels the same loneliness than me

Just he is incapable to think about it

Instead, I am incapable to think in anothe...

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The Underground Yard

In the Underground Yard, the freezing dwell.
Alien is the sun, forever night time has fell.
A land where no shadow, can be seen or cast.
A world where fallen people, pay for their past.

In the Underground Yard, weary eyes strain.
People shiver in the torrents of the frozen rain.
In the darkest of dungeons, lie banks of bones.
The hidden Underground Yard, the devil owns.

A monsters last...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The 4th Wall | 2.36 | Arkles Lane Snowfall | Little Bongs | From Highclere House (21/1/2021) | The Best Place Ever! | The Futuristic Dragon (28/2/1976) | 'The Birkenhead Drill' | Just 3 Colours | Happines Is.... | Covid Woe |


Reached a stage where to resolute is no use

Not sure where this is headed, absolutely no clue

Had thought that a plan was in store, of love and galore

Where the hero would fight and win wars on a new shore  

But here he lay down wounded by his fate and belief in love

Never knew that it would inflict such pain and above

It would be hanging on the thin threads of distrusts and fake


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Homeward bound

We hold their silence…

Empty streets

rife with fears,

with rampant weeds of angst…

Appear quiet…

Appear somber…


We taste its dusky breath…

Drizzled over, night of lockdown…

Of winter roads ahead…


Homeward bound...

My beetle’s engine hums…


Reflecting lights, 

like shooting stars,

blind our weary eyes…

As once old certain roads,

of familiar...

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Also by Xoanxo:

Don't say a word for now (The reading) | Don't say a word for now | Nostalgia and I | Poetry Nights |

homeward boundxoanxo


Like that bend in the argument

Like that wait

Like that recovering

From it

And we looked sideways at each other


then there was recovery

and that touch smiled

away each and every point

that we had both planned.


words and image Tommy Carroll



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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Fighting the hidden enemy | Planning her Escape (3rd person silent) |


What a beautiful set of tegulars

So straight, shiny, and true

They dominate her smile

And radiate her natural beauty

No imperfections, no blemishes

Tegularis regularis

As the Latins may once have said

Or, to reflect their dazzling prominence

Tegularis regularis majoris

Now mine are somewhat different

Little, yellow, inconsistent in shape

Tegularis irregularis seems...

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Also by Nicholas:

I've always been the other |


Time to pack up and walk now
And take what is yours
You have played along and smiled at them
Goodbye now close the doors
They seen you struggle and watched you fall and observed your patterns and ways
You lifted them and made them laugh their vibrations you would raise
The truth it shines a light on you and those who you attract
Not everyone is ready show their truths infact
A select ...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


masqueradetake back your powershine

Another Demon

Late at night
Lying in the dark
Another demon enters
Takes a strike at my heart
The tears start flowing
I don't know if they’ll stop
He can see I’m weak and fragile
So he takes his best shot
The thoughts are getting stronger
But I keep them at bay
I guess it’s wishful thinking
That they’d just go away
I hate all the confusion
If I’d known from the start
Then this demon and his army

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Also by curiousdud3:

One by One | Tortured Soul |

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?


Those socks that Dad gets at Christmas,

Sellotaped in packets of three.


The monosyllabic young man

That your daughter brings home for tea.


The fair to middling result

Of your son’s prestigious degree.


The mediocre performance

Friends and family had come to see.


The soufflé which for once falls flat,

Reminding one of molten brie.


The putt ...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Behind the door | The mysterious case of the hole in the trousers | My perfect day | Pain | Voice | Inadequate Translation |

Playing My Trump Card

Disaster strikes peaceful law-abiding party

apparently exquisite show-stopper double-booked

last minute texting Deposed President Invited

resourceful fake news noone turned up.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

They Held Their Heads up High | The Irresponsible Protest | Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying |

both our parties fail

Wake Up!!!!! I'm not sure if they teach the Standard system in Metric land

I got up this morning 

I went to put my socks on

Only I couldn't find my feet

If someone could please lend me 24 inches

It would help me measure up

Then I might have enough to be a Ruler

I would be toedally cool

atleast until I put my socks on


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Also by New Shoes:

Natural Law | My Beautiful Daughter |

Dig Deeper

Most casualties occur in silence
Those moments when we are locked away inside ourselves, consumed by the sound of nothing at all. 
We settle into a routine of constantly going, always busying ourselves. 
We burry the things we don't want to see underneath it all, after so long we soon forget the sound of our own voice. 
Take a look outside yourself and watch as each of us drowns in denial. 

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

You. | Consider Me Gone |

My Soul Flutters...

My Soul Flutters...

O tri-colour,
You are unfurling in my heart,
Your ripples move in veins like dart.

My body,
Taken hold of ripples,
And drenched in three colours.

The colours of,
Sacrifice, purity and prosperity!
Diluting in me to enhance my soul's chastity!

At last,
My soul cleansed clear,
And unfurled with you tri-colour!

It flutters,
With the song of soil,
One can he...

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