The Acme Corp. poem making machine

                                                                                                                                                                               I just drop a handful of words into the top of my,

Acme Corporation poem making machine.

I turn the crank handle around and around.

And it will sift through, and sort out the words.

Removing those that are offensive,  or obscene.

The remaining words,  it will spit out in an order,

That when read,  has a rhythm,  and rhyme,

And sounds pleasent,  and serene.

 I will claim that I wrote these words.

But the credit really goes to my,

Acme Corporation poem making machine.

(thank-you Chuck Jones)


By JD. Bardo

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Mike McPeek

Sat 30th Jan 2021 17:11

Great bit of whimsy here - thank you! I wish writing were that simple, LOL!

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keith jeffries

Tue 19th Jan 2021 02:21


Could I apply for a model on trial to see the results for myself. Is there an attachment to save the dirty words for possible inclusion at a later date? Perhaps the censor can be bypassed.

A novel idea well presented.
Thank you for this


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J.D. Bardo

Tue 19th Jan 2021 00:09

I Try to use the dirty words Aviva, But the machine censors me !

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Mon 18th Jan 2021 23:55

Perhaps an upgraded model will spit out two poems, one containing all the accepted words, and the other containing all the removed words.

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