To Be Decided

Oh you are stranded on a mountain
you are deep down in a cave
you are in a burning building
you are threatened by big waves

There's a hurricane surrounding
The earth is quaking underfoot
you're marooned and you are drowning
you are in amongst the wolves

And you are paralysed and voiceless
you're exhausted and in shock
you're bewildered and defeated
you are hopeless and you're lost

But it is only metaphoric
it is only what you feel
you can cast off these illusions
because none of it is real.

No matter what you think you're facing
No matter what you think you've faced
keep on going, keep on trying
with whatever you have left.

If there is will to keep on breathing
then breathe deep and slow
and keep this one thing to believe in
you have more strength than you know.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sat 30th Jan 2021 15:23

J.D. I wish you peace, strength and happiness wherever you can find it, and if you found some of it in this poem that gives me a little bit of peace, strength and happiness too. Thank you.

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J.D. Bardo

Sat 30th Jan 2021 05:59

Good timing on posting this Aviva, I really enjoy this poem. and yes, I can use it, I will keep it in my pocket full of pick me up poems. Thank-you, J.D.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Fri 29th Jan 2021 18:47

Thank you Lisa for commenting. I am sure you will understand when I say that for me first best would be that nobody who found this poem would need it, and second best would be that if anybody needed the poem they would find it. ?

Thank you also Paul for your comment. I really intended to make use of the tags just to help people filter my poetry and find subjects they'd be more interested in, but it turns out to be a good way to drop hints about what on earth I think I'm talking about too ?

Thanks also to everyone who has clicked 'Like' for this poem. ?

(Sadly Paul's comment is no longer viewable since he left the site)

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lisa donohoe

Fri 29th Jan 2021 01:20

Round of applause ??
Every word spoke directly to my soul.
Thank you kindly for sharing this remarkable poem . I needed this right now and I'm forever grateful for your talent x

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