Tortured Soul

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The air is thin it’s hard to breathe
Get out my way I need to leave
The walls around me are crumbling
Feels like a fight I’m not going to win
As I gasp and reach for air
Feels like the world for me don't care
They don't understand the thoughts inside
The thoughts locked away, those thoughts are mine
They're mine to say but I can’t speak
I’m tired and scared
I’m frail, too weak
Maybe someday I’ll find the strength
To stand up tall and speak at length
But as for now the demons decide
To keep me imprisoned, my feelings collide
The screaming sounds run through my head
A heavy heart just filled with dread
Outside, fine tuned to tell the lies
Inside just panic and silenced cries 
Fighting hard to take back control
Confessions from a tortured soul

© curiousdud3 01/2021


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Mon 18th Jan 2021 22:28

Into your work your feelings seep;
Your writings are talented and deep.
A healing passage of creation,
Which will heal your situation.

Well done !

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julie callaghan

Mon 18th Jan 2021 20:21

Looking forward to reading your writes as and when you find the words you are searching for. Happy new year to you too.

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Mon 18th Jan 2021 20:12

@julie callaghan; I have been struggling to get things written down and finished over recent months. Got quite a few half finished pieces but the words don't come to finish. I think I write from emotions too because the more my head gets twisted the easier the words come. I need to find away to channel poetry through positive thoughts rather from the negative mind. Happy New Year by the way and thank for taking the time to read my means a lot ❤️

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Mon 18th Jan 2021 19:32

@hope ray ❤️❤️❤️

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julie callaghan

Sun 17th Jan 2021 13:38

I have missed reading your poems.

<Deleted User> (28781)

Sun 17th Jan 2021 12:42

May your face be light
And behind shadows you may never hide
From the dungeons and dug holes
May your soul rise and be purified
O the tortured tattered soul that cries
May healing touch you from the skies
Cleansing you of the darkness that you abide
See the beauty of the light and shun the old grabs of weakness and lies
You need to shine and throw away your dark sides
From the world May you never have to hide
Keeping your identity obscured
Hiding behind vile masks that ain't yours

May healing be upon the tortured souls.💕

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