Astonishingly mesmerised by you from the moment I heard your voice ...set eyes on you
Connected with you
So many thoughts and feelings you triggered
This can only be what true love feels like I figured

Unknown to me that I'd never felt it
Suddenly my heart was wax you came to melt it
Up until then I felt incontrol
The idea that I now share my soul
The fact that now I still look at you as a blessed celestial being
You blow me away although shared spirits one soul we are freeing 
I'm struck so bad youv got me
And like I said before cupid has shot me
I dont think you know to extent of the depth this love I give you
The intimacy we share i can only share with you
This is no game this is real no words left unstated
We are magic together trust in my love please you've got me captivated





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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 21st Jan 2021 19:16

This feels like a real performance piece. It has got so much scope in the cadence and placement of rhyme to work so well at a live read (just my opinion, what do I know, I can only say what I think though)

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