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This heart

Where the hell are you?

I've been waiting for what seems like my whole life

I can't get it out of my head

I thought by now I'd be someone's wife.


Nothing turned out how I thought it would

Is it for the best, for the greater good?


Why is the heart such a fragile thing?

With every rejection I feel the sting.


I look in the mirror but it ain't me looking back


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My love

My love, I let you down

I promised I'd be there but started to drown


My love, I was in over my head

Why did we pass ships at night as we climbed into bed


My love, the only love for me

I just want to say sorry, I am so fucking sorry 


My love, I see your face everywhere

There's not one other face that could compare


My love, my beautiful friend

You we're...

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The first time I saw you I had to pour out my heart and drink it down.

Not like a poison but a love fuelled potion.

You have a beautiful persuasion, you have this magical notion.


I know that it's not just the view of the palm trees,

I can see it in everything you believe.

When you smile its so innocent and sweet,

It's such a cliche it knocks me off my feet,

I hold on hope...

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As Winter looms

They tell you to try with all of your might,

But it's the things that you least expect stealing your sleep at night.

As we descend into the darkness of winter, my mind is lit up with thoughts on 5th November,

I look back, I remember you, I remember


Walking to Oxford Street all alone,

the people that pass by, they all seem like clones.

It's not long until they have somewhere ...

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No Flowers on the Bridge

Life's a game of take & give 
Just tell me how did it come to this? 
They walked their way into the abyss 
But I see no flowers, on the bridge? 

The laughs, the screams  
The night, far from your dreams 
A city bows as it continues to live 
But I see no flowers, on the bridge?

The sirens call and the thunders rolls
In a stranger, solace unfolds
How can your story ever be told?
But n...

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LondonLondon Bridgeremembrance

Blue Movie

It's better when I write things down, 
I can be more meticulous.
Then I remember you called me a child and said I was ridiculous. 

Perhaps you shouldn't have made yourself so inconspicuous, 
it could be said that we would not have got into 'this'.

You picked at the conversation and I gave my participation. 
I rather wish I hadn't for now I'm left anticipating. 

Did the Indian Ocean pi...

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Love is......

Love is beauty,

Love is kind,

Love is another, that's on your mind.


Love is contentment,

Love it will flow,

Love is another, you long to know.


Love is a sacrifice, you knew you could make,

Love is the person, that lights up your day.


Love is the one that can make you laugh,

You're both fully aware, that neither can dance,

but you know when you're cold, ...

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My Bedroom Floor

Some people are very bad sad and blind
they have no initative or know how to be kind
their presence knows no boundaries what so ever
leading people to the end of their tethers...

would it be okay to swap these chips in?
and ask god if he'd consider starting again.
I wonder what my first thought was
and how my first breath of air felt
I wonder why it was these cards that were delt. 


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I have been involved with some parasites in my life.

fucking parasites

fucking witches

fucking narcissist bitches


twisted wretched ruined wrecks

what the heck?

oh what the heck?


If you don't like honesty remove yourself from me

it's all I know my go to....


I'm so sick of saying sorry

it really truly does quite bore me

I will roll over and shrug this ...

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