Mr Rhubarb


(Song for politicians)


There's a...


Great view from my Ivory Tower

The window is frosted, but I still feel the power.

Got my...


Savile suite so I feel the part

But I like to pretend I got it straight from Primark

I feed my…


Flock through the magical lense

My sincere smile upon your telly transcends

And I'm…


Fully trained not to give a straight answer

I could win a prize for the best verbal dancer!


So here's to you..




F@ck the country and its hopes and dreams

Got my agenda and political schemes

I'm Mr Rhubarb, dya know what that means

I'll tell you anything you want to believe!

My face is friendly, but I don't give a F@ck

What's it to me if you're down on your luck?

Look to the mirror and what do I see?

A thing of beauty, it's political me!


I'll try to…


change you and your general persuasion

With a full guarantee I'll put my cap on inflation

I'll give…


You a vote on matters of note

But send out a veto if it sticks in my throat

I'm the…


Best man, for the whole of the nation

I'll syphon your cream while you're under sedation

I'm your…


MP with some bullshit degree,

With an OMG through to IDC


So here's to you…





If it's Brexit you want, 

I'm the man to deliver

In between breakfast 

and a nice champagne dinner

Give the finger to all

The old EU cronies

Make sure they know

I'm the number one phoney!

Claim expenses on things 

I don't even use

And claim the tax back, 

so I don't ever lose


So here's to you..




And politicians never give a straight answer

Misinformation is their penis enhancer 


But, If you will, 

can I make a suggestion:


...Please just answer  

One F@c#ing question! 😡










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Brian Hodgkinson

Wed 27th Jan 2021 05:51

Poetic missiles on the loose ... bewm

Profile image

Stephen Atkinson

Fri 22nd Jan 2021 06:56

Thanks for reading & tapping the Like, John 👍

Profile image

Stephen Atkinson

Thu 21st Jan 2021 20:08

And thanks for the additional likes Julie, Aviva, & Holden, appreciated as always 🌷🌷🌷

Profile image

Stephen Atkinson

Thu 21st Jan 2021 17:14

Stephen G, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb...😉

Profile image

Stephen Atkinson

Thu 21st Jan 2021 17:09

Thanks New shoes! I wish I could play, & sing! I wrote it with a local punk band in mind, but they split up shortly afterwards 🙄

Julie, thank you also! DNA, like it 😃

And thank you Mr Po! Nice to have you back after your winter wanderings. Hope you enjoyed them! And yes, I got rather enhanced over that line...🤣

Profile image

Stephen Gospage

Thu 21st Jan 2021 16:47

Or HE isn't?

Profile image

Stephen Gospage

Thu 21st Jan 2021 16:46

Maybe Rhubarb is just a state of mind. All right, it isn't.....

Profile image

julie callaghan

Thu 21st Jan 2021 07:15

No tears, only cheers.
A degree in not answering questions is their DNA (do not answer)

Profile image

New Shoes

Thu 21st Jan 2021 07:07

That was great! I enjoyed that. you should sing it with some guitar!

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