Music To Live By

In films
they always have music
for all their moments.
I've wished I could.

If I had
my own song playing,
my own vibrant tune 
to live by,
I could dance
through life.

In films
you always know
the dramatic moments;
programs us to think
our own lives are empty,
or that we cannot dance
without a tune.

When the truth is
that we are full
with the power to create;
our own rhythms,
our own melodies,
whatever we choose.

The rest of the world
doesn't need to hear
the song playing.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Mon 25th Jan 2021 07:37

Thank you Martin for your comment and sorry for not responding sooner. I've also had many songs that became like that for me too. So much so that it wouldn't be fair to mention one more than another, all except 'Night People' by Dio which I'll mention since it does have the word poetry in it too.

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Martin Elder

Wed 6th Jan 2021 15:37

I am fully with you in this . I have pieces of music which have been landmarks in my life. Sometimes in life buoys and mostly certainly have become inspirational in my work at times.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Tue 5th Jan 2021 14:23

Thank you to those who have clicked 'Like' on this poem.
wishing you all music to live by

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