Quarry Hill Flats

these days you order on line

vans implement your wishes

no cash shall change hands

for suds or tempting dishes


different when I was a lad

delivery boy on black bike

box of groceries out front

what immobile ladies like


up stone stairs and knock

"come in for a cup of tea!"

listening to old loneliness

smells of body odour, pee


dreaded old Mrs Granelli

siren aged seventy-three

negligee and absent bra

my groin turned to a tree


needed a hand on her lap

plied with Co-op brandy

breasts out for massage

said I was big and handy


busy van drivers of today

do you enjoy such thrills?

tipsy cycle back, florin tip

for sperm on ancient frills



flatson-linedelivery boybikelonelinesssirennegligeesperm

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