Like Snowdrops We Should Be

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New shoots emerge
the first ones of the year
A welcome reminder
that Spring is almost here

A single bell of white 
on a fragile stem of green
In sheltered spots
is where they can be seen

Tender little flowers
stand up to Winter weather
Strong and sturdy
yet as delicate as a feather

A single white flower
which multiply and spread
A symbol of hope
promise better days ahead

In these dark Winter days
like Snowdrops we should be
Standing sturdy and strong
spreading hope and positivity

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julie callaghan

Mon 25th Jan 2021 10:00

Thanks for all the likes

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julie callaghan

Sun 24th Jan 2021 18:14

Thanks Stephen A for the kind comment also for the additional generous likes.

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 24th Jan 2021 15:58

Lovely words & a positive message 🌈

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julie callaghan

Sun 24th Jan 2021 15:49

Thanks for the likes folks and for the kind comments Aviva and Keith.

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keith jeffries

Sun 24th Jan 2021 11:43

Beautifully written. Snowdrops always seem to be the first to put in an appearance even when snow and ice abound. At the side of my house and out of view there is a cluster of snowdrops which have been there for a week now. They point the way out of the cold to warmer days. Thank you for this


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sun 24th Jan 2021 10:24

Well said.

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