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Most casualties occur in silence
Those moments when we are locked away inside ourselves, consumed by the sound of nothing at all. 
We settle into a routine of constantly going, always busying ourselves. 
We burry the things we don't want to see underneath it all, after so long we soon forget the sound of our own voice. 
Take a look outside yourself and watch as each of us drowns in denial. 
Now in motionless quietude I'm aware of all I've been avoiding.
While I sit and wonder alone, I'm not scared to uncover what I've hidden from myself. 
This pain is nothing but a moment in my new beginning, at least that's what I'm swearing to myself. 
I believe the only way to grow is to uproot.
As I look into the face of reality I'm blinded by the truth, and I only hope to be molded into a wiser version of me. 


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New Shoes

Mon 1st Feb 2021 17:07

Thank you for sharing the truth in your life. I believe it to be the most beautiful part, and the strength to overcome your past, even more beautiful.


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