A Game Of Chance

I put my head on the pillow and drift off….


Shiva sweeps aside the remnants of yesterday:

Gains, strivings, losses and ambitions

Clearing the table for tonight’s game

Flanked by greater and lesser angels and demons.


I’m lost in dreams while a silver ball spins against the

roulette wheel of my soul.

Each number an affection, a state of being

randomly selected for the next day.


The silver blur slows

Jumps, flicks and rattles from one bay to the next:

Happy, blue, angry, drained, joy, sorrow, hope…

Each have an even chance.


The crowd around the table leans in

Waiting to see it fall, to claim possession.

The fate of the following day rests on this outcome.

A day of peace or another of battle?


But they wont know, I wont know

Until my head lifts and my eyes open

And I feel it saturate my body and soul

Ready for another day of starting again.

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lisa donohoe

Thu 28th Jan 2021 23:56

Wow this is so well written , the anxious mind can create terrible feelings of mixed emotions and it loves nothing more then to wait until our heads hit the pillow. Brilliant 😊

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