There Are Still Dinosaurs

The natural order of things isn't always in our favour.
A pre-historic and historic truth much harder to see in modern times
When all the obvious imperative threats are gone or tamed.
But imperative threats are healthy, 
Preventing our mind from twisting around a thousand minor matters
Which it never was designed to do and never should
Unless we can evolve our minds or methods.

The natural order of things isn't always in our favour. But 
The modern world has made people expect perfect fairness and justice.
Until we forget how to cope with unfairness and injustice
And we forget that luck and skill were all we used to depend on
And we are still here.

It is time to remember to learn from the past
That we are lucky to even be alive, 
And we are either as strong as we need to be, or vanquished
And even the world only continues on while it may.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Wed 27th Jan 2021 03:38

Thank you for commenting Brian,
I can't believe you are a dinosaur
Do you have a childhood toy near your mirror perhaps?

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Brian Hodgkinson

Wed 27th Jan 2021 03:10

I see one in the mirror every morning.
Thoughtful, and well written.

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