Today is a day like any day

Just I feel more alone than any day

My family and old friends are far away

They built a world without me

A world with different rules

Rules and codes that I cannot understand anymore

My lover is here but his mind not

I suppose he feels the same loneliness than me

Just he is incapable to think about it

Instead, I am incapable to think in another thing

He is sounds, I am words

He is earth, I am air

He is strength, I am sensibility

Each day I try to build a bridge between us,

But any attempt is vain

The distance is bigger each day

I suppose that someday time will do his job

And my heart will understand that

The spirit’s loneliness is worse than body’s loneliness.




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Wed 27th Jan 2021 18:21

Raw and vulnerable poem Erika I can relate. I especially like “He is sounds, I am words
He is earth, I am air. He is strength, I am sensibility.” Shows the yin and yang of relationships. Thanks for sharing.

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