Those half baked dreams

the endless regimes

the papering over cracks

exercising relentlessly then

not being able to relax. 


Those pleasantries with neighbours

perilously close to truth

the preparations for DIY

the incipient leaking roof. 


These and other gallantries

while others roll over and die

it all seems vaguely threatening

like a smut in the unguarded eye. 




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Tue 9th Feb 2021 17:07

Thanks Jennifer. You describe it well !

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jennifer Malden

Wed 27th Jan 2021 16:42

Really perceptive! It's as if we were living double lives, trying to live as usual as far as possible within restrictions, but with an unsaid fear present in us all. One hardly dare ask 'how are you all'? , when phoning.


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Tue 12th Jan 2021 11:18

Thanks Graham. I suppose I wrote this in exasperation which most of us feel most of the time. It is well recorded and that reinforces the message - are we in a spiral ? Speed bonnie vaccine ....

Yes Tony I know what you mean - it's all a bit like a soft version of big brother (not the reality show). I do get attracted to rhyming on certain topics, I think it can emphasis points of dark humour. In a sense it is demanding and shouldn't be forced. It can be addictive, but there's the rub.

Thanks for liking this Tom, Kevin, Stephen and Aviva.

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Tony Hill

Sun 10th Jan 2021 19:08

Really like this, Ray. I can’t stand those newspaper columns urging us during lockdown to read more, exercise more, drink less, take up a new hobby - the list is endless. Is it my imagination or are you using rhyme more these days? Tony

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 10th Jan 2021 14:33

We both too have re-evaluated many of the things that seemed important once and can no longer be enjoyed. Quite a few things we are ambivalent about. We have done no shopping (other than for food) since March 2020 without missing a thing.
However, the insidious protection of personal space does leave us both feeling, 'will we ever go back to shaking a hand, slapping a back, giving a hug' to anyone outside of our closest family. I sincerely hope so.
Thought provoking in its brevity as always Ray. Stay safe!

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