The little man

makes no excuses

he goes to work everyday

like clockwork

he pays his bills

he votes

he plays with his kids

he honors his wife

the little man is the average Joe

the breadwinner the solid citizen

he gets no breaks from government

or breaks on his job

he just works hard

and takes pride in his work

he gets a vacation

but he can't afford to go anywhere

so he stays at home

he improves his property

he spends time with his family

he doesn't bother anyone

he just quietly goes about his life

he is the little man

hard working and dependable

responsible and law abiding

he pays his bills on time

he pays his taxes

a good citizen who flies the flag proudly

he doesn't cause any trouble

he doesn't complain

he asks for nothing

in forgotten flyover country

he may appear insignificant

he may not make a big splash

but the little man stands tall in one respect

the little man

carries the country on his back.



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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 24th Jan 2021 14:42

Superb & true! (from a little man)

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 24th Jan 2021 13:09

To paraphrase a great film I somehow wish you had titled this
Little Big Man!

A great piece that will resonate with many!


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Adam Whitworth

Sun 24th Jan 2021 13:05


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