Flash your Sign

We need a saving song.

To which we all sing along.

Or,  a not- so- secret sign.

To show the others,

Our thoughts and feelings, Are in line.

In troubled times before,

You cannot ignore.

That flashing the sign of peace,

Or raising your fist in solidarity.

Did give your heart a sense of release.

We need something now.

To get us through somehow.

A sign to show that our Love for each other will increase.

We have but one world,  which we all must share.

We can live in Peace and Harmony.

And give praise,  to the thought of unity,  if we dare.

Also,  we can bring these "hand gestures" back into popularity.

A simple way to express to each other that we care.

So,  Flash your Sign.

Whether you are a Hippy, or a Square.

And Love one another,  that is just simple,  and fair.


By JD. Bardo

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J.D. Bardo

Mon 18th Jan 2021 14:31

Peace and happiness to all who have enjoyed (or not), this poem. Thank-you for the likes and comments, I love the attention the poems, "and I" get. thanks again. JD.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sun 17th Jan 2021 17:57

This is inspiring and empowering. 👍

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keith jeffries

Sun 17th Jan 2021 16:37


In an increasingly troubled world where even the pandemic has become the subject of adversarial politics, this poem speaks of peace. What a sign of hope this poem gives.

Thank you for this


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Sun 17th Jan 2021 15:53

This is a beautiful message that the whole world needs to see J.D.! 💖

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julie callaghan

Sun 17th Jan 2021 15:52

🙌🏻🕊❤️ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

<Deleted User> (28781)

Sun 17th Jan 2021 15:12


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