Night-time Serenade

The dusk turns to dark

As I look to the sky

With starlight reflected

in the blue of my eyes

And, softly, into focus 

glow the heroes of old

Each golden cluster

a tale to be told:

The Hunter & his Hounds

search the night sky

For dragons & serpents

and horses that fly

While Perseus gives Andromeda the eye

And grabs her a moonbeam

as one passes by


This is our ceiling

If you open your eyes!


And my mind's eye awakens

Upon a moonlit beach

Where, old smugglers songs

Echo just out of reach


And far out at sea

A fishing boat breaks

Through swathes of black silk

That fray in its wake

They fray upon shores

Unfurling like teeth

That smile up at the moon

And the fish underneath


I trawl for these thoughts

And lock them all in

For the night-time can be

Such a beautiful thing


And, I need not even move

For my world to renew

For my mind and my eyes 

Are the rooms with a view!

◄ A Cadenza

Mr Rhubarb ►


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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 17th Jan 2021 21:55

Thank you Julie, Vautaw & Stephen for the kind comments.
It was actually part of a much longer poem contrasting day & night, but I'd already 'nicked' most of the day part for other poems!
Glad you enjoyed it though.
And thanks for the Likes, Aisha, Holden, J.D. & Aviva 🌷

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 17th Jan 2021 17:49

Yes, this is riveting stuff. Beautiful.

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Sun 17th Jan 2021 15:59

This poem is magical Stephen. I shall return to read it again and again on starless nights.

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julie callaghan

Sun 17th Jan 2021 13:43

Replaced the tears in my eyes with stars, wonderful poem, thank you.

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