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The dawn of awakening

After a long night of sleep,

That was immersed in darkness deep.

Here comes happily frolicking,

The beautiful dawn of awakening.

The crimson and tangerine rays arise,

And look how they fill up the beholder's eyes,

With hope, optimism and merriment.

The heavenly sight of plants dancing to the morning breeze,

Spreading their fresh earthly scent. 

The birds filling in for t...

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dawnsunrisebeauty in the eye of the beholdergoodness

Who's Listening?

Words hither, words thither,
All around strewn is sound.
They speak and speaking are we...
But what I can't figure out is,
Who's listening?

Yesterday we had a fight.
And for hours everything went quiet.
A solemn thought lingered my mind,
Maybe now we'd figure out,
All that we messed up this time.
But the next day we stood at the start,
This time again, our hands holding our hearts.

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noisedeafeningpeace of mindGratefulnessquietude

Kashmiri Hindus: a saga

Hello my fellow writers. I am really thankful to everyone of you who has till this day , showered me with praise and appreciation for my work. Today I am posting not a poetry or a piece of literature that I wrote recently, but a story. A story that is absolutely true and very painful. By God's grace, I am not a part of this and wasn't there to witness any of the events of this. But it's a harsh tr...

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Please sharekashmirexodus

Wilderness: a thought on urbanisation

Wilderness: that where animals exist. That where humanity finds no reason to be. And yet we're all somehow standing in wilderness. Or that which was once it. 

The fallen tree logs, the leaves that had to wilt way before they ripened into green beauties. The guardians of these, left stranded by humanity in a labyrinth of concrete structures, metallic towers and blinding dusty smoke and thereupon...

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treenatureurbanisationsave forestswilderness

In the world of her

On the threshold she stood,

Of the house where her life smiled.

Waving wildly her small arms at him,

Of whom she was the only child.


Inside sat the lady of the house,

Silencing her sobs and drinking up her tears.

Careful not to let the the happy bird know,

Chasing her was the worst of her fears.


All laiden with arms covered under his coat,

To not let the little...

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war to peaceinnocencepeacelifehumanityloveukraineRussiacrisisworld wars

The War

Momentary peace is a thing,
Lifetime of peace who has ever gotten?
And there exist people who haven't witnessed a single spring,
The fruits they've reaped off life are all rotten.

Time lingers on, it takes small sluggish steps,
While the war seems to last for an eternity.
And though the mind's tired and body's started to sweat,
There seems no concrete vision, no certainty.

Innumerable ...

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war poetryInner Strugglelosseswinswarriorsbattlefieldlife and deathpath of lifeeverlastingentropy

A tryst with self

Ages ago, God got bored. 

He may have wanted some thrill,

And he created what we call human beings today.

Centuries went by and God realised

He'd spoiled his creation with excessive liberty.

And to me it seems that the world we live in today,

May be the most spoilt edition of us. 

The biggest gift God could give us-

-While he created the world; was conscience.

And that's...

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conscienceFinding peacegod loves alllibertysoulless-existencetrysts

An encounter with the past

I remember being told to,
'You can do nothing'.
A memory that came like a flood,
Only this morning.
I pass by several faces,
That I've been seeing for years.
But today I saw one,
That reminded me of the days of tears.
When the people I relied on,
Pointed fingers at me.
When I was mocked and laughed at,
And what I really was, no one could see.
The times when people told me,
I didn't fi...

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Believe in Yourselftrusting God's lovefaithpastpeopletoxic friendships

Where beauty lies??

I see them daily,

The trees...

Smoothly waving their giant arms at the passers by.

Shedding off what's wilted,

Waiting for the spring to stop by.

I observe them everyday,

The birds...

All flocked and frisky.

Soaring up high,

Never dwelling in envy.

I see them, the stars...

Who never seem wry.

Happy with their brilliance,

Lighting up the sky.

I see them dai...

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nature poetrybeautyskyflowerslovepeaceIntrospectionfraternity

The greatest artist

Rumbles have started growing louder. 
Now there appear bright flashes across the sky; 
Filled with glee, thundering sadistically. 
I admit they appear absolutely splendid to me.
Blue, white, dull grey and yellow.
No one ever says that's a great colour combo.
But is there a sight prettier than the grey clouds
Trying to cover the tints of soft crimson,
That sparkle throughout the infinitude,

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I may not know,
Owning triumph by betrayal
But I know I emerge triumphant,
whenever I am myself and not someone else. 
I know I emerge triumphant, when I don't assassinate my principles for the triumph of my greed. 
And that I emerge triumphant, when I walk my way myself, with my wholesome faith in my creator, rather than expecting support from a mortal being.

It is largely true, that the ...

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triumphconsciencegood views

Look at the ocean

Tides and waves,
Hitting the shores,
Drenching the sand and the feet that stand on it.
With eyes on the blue infinitude,
And mind on clouds,
I look at the ocean.

A mirror holding the image of the sky above.
I realise how big the world is.
I am at peace, 
Knowing that I am an infinitely small particle,
And a powerless being,
In front of Him.

I am just a bit of a being,
That arises ...

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god loves alloceanthe sky

The Mysterious Night Sky ❤️

Far from the worldly glitz,
Away from superficial beauty,
There lies a world deep and sparkling,
Comprising both mysteries and serenity.
Where darkness, so peacefully, co-exists with light.
A world that is black,
But, by no means dull.
Such is the beauty of the Mysterious Night Sky ❤️
Clusters of scintillating dots, looking towards us,
Along with the Moon-being protected by cloudy knights...

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I have a heart too

When talking about rights, we often mistake rights, as something only humans can possess. But rights are nobody's property. Human being is not the only organism on Earth. We mustn't forget that we share Earth with numerous other species. Hence, every organism has got rights. But we don't respect these rights. Here's a poem that depicts the feelings of a few animals who've been captured and oppress...

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The light of love

It was a day,

As ordinary as other days.

When I unknowingly discovered,

The world's most beautiful place.


A place where there was,

Neither the sun nor the moon.

And yet it had not a trace of darkness,

All around light was strewn.


I kept walking down the lane,

Devouring the beauty with my eyes,

When I beheld the occupants of the land,

Having beaming faces ...

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