Pride and prestige, the American dream

What that is you see of us,  on the evening news.

To our reputation,  inflicts one hell of a bruise.

What we want you to know,  is that those insurgents.

Do not reflect all of our views.

This is damage beyond belief,  we,  as Americans,  all lose.

So,  now,  down memory lane,  I want you to cruise.

Remember that we were all Patriots,  as a child.

Reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance" to our Flag.

Our Flag,  an American would have never defiled.

Hand over heart,  we recite those words.

At the beginning of each day in school.

A sacred moment,  not a time to clown around.

Or play the fool.

We were Patriots,  our Country.

And its Constitution were cool.

We were ONE nation.

One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I Repeat........

One nation,     Under God,     Indivisible,     


(still a dream)? 


By JD. Bardo

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J.D. Bardo

Sat 16th Jan 2021 03:55

Sorry for my delay on commenting, again I am left speechless as a result of the responses on my poem. I am glad that my patriotic poem has inspired you to comment so keenly, and intelligently. Now if only we could WRITE OUT LOUD, these words for the world to see. Your comments deserve more of a response than I can provide. Sorry, please keep up with your comments, You will be heard, I am spreading the word about Write out Loud to all that I meet, and greet. Your words gentlemen, have been seen by many eyes outside of our Poetry contributors, One comment that I heard in response to what they had read was, "I have to show this to someone", And they did, and they did, and they did, ect, you are being read, Keep up the comments, Thanks to all of you, you make me feel so good about myself, Thank-you Write out Loud, for the opportunity to express myself. More to come, JD.

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trevor homer

Fri 15th Jan 2021 12:29

J.D - can I suggest the problem with living in a 'parallel universe' is that eventually, reality bites!

Trumps BIG LIE is based on the premise that more Whites voted for him than Afro Americans did, so legitimising his [and others]
claims of victory!

Philipos - no doubt those troops passing through were segregated, [my father fought in the war too].

Graham - I'm not sure what this reminds you of, other than a time of a 'sense of entitlement'?

John - healing and compassion can start with all of us and begin today.

Ray - I think it a sad day for 'the Emperors new clothes'. Someone should tell him he is naked!

New Shoes - personally I think Neil Youngs's 'Ohio' more relevant.

Felt compelled to re-post WHO KILLED GEORGE FLOYD, if only for the final stanza. Trevor

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New Shoes

Thu 14th Jan 2021 17:58

Sometimes we need things torn apart to see what is really important. furthermore trump did not rule the world. And despite what most may think, our market was set for a great crash, beyond what anyone has ever seem. We as humans study history and patterns, if we don't learn, we don't progress. The tech revolution has been upon us for years, waiting for the chance to change the world. It is a fact that humans do not take well to change, unless there is fear and suffering involved. And when we tare apart everything that we think we know, it can be rebuilt to begin a new age. now what I believe is the scariest part of this and what may have had a part in the riots, is this aspect of what "under God" really means. If we can't truly and spiritually understand this especially where it lays in our Free Will, Then progression, no matter its Face, Will cease. what I have come to see though, is that industry has great power over our government, so what we should really be paying attention to is their actions. Trump is a tool, we have to see where we are truly coming from before we know where we are going. Neil Young said it " The older generation has something to say, but they better say it fast or get out of the way"

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Jan 2021 17:57

Politics is not a game for the faint-hearted and in the USA it has always been a source of heated discourse, division and diverse
views that has seen numerous occasions in evidence. How readily
we forget its early history, not least when the Lincoln years saw
rioting and bloodshed on a large scale, with that much vaunted
president suspending habeas corpus without reported reference to
congress. And politicians and their opponents fought duels. No saints then either. And presidents were being shot at or shot
down - even up to recent times. The extremists are always around
to attach themselves to "causes". Ask the IRA about the criminal
elements that attached themselves to its cause to further their own
agendas. The America of today is still firmly rooted in vigorous
altercation and the global media is hardly free from culpability in its
approach to what - and how - information is provided for public
consumption. But it's a country that has its qualities and its faults
played out on a very public stage and that will remain a welcome
reality in a global world in which sinister forces manipulate and
manufacture according to their aims and intentions. Wider awareness is the great ongoing factor towards assessing what is
going on - where, when and why.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 14th Jan 2021 17:14

This is a fine and timely poem, but, as others say, it is such a shame that things have come to this. As in many Western democracies, there is an anger from certain parts of society which will be difficult to put back in the bottle. We need leadership based on truth, not lies. Let's hope there will be some from 20 January.

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Thu 14th Jan 2021 13:53

The fact the Trump became president at all presupposes that there was rising up a demand for his style of leadership which he was cunning enough to recognize. The fact is he used muscle and influence to further his egoistic aims. It is really terribly sad that the world has to look on while you in America have to take it on the chin.

I'm not politically motivated, but your poem has hit the right spot and deserves commending. It does say a great deal about commitment.


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keith jeffries

Thu 14th Jan 2021 13:22

I also listened to Arnie's broadcast and it was absolutely true and comparisons can be made. The Beer Hall Putsch in Munich was an insurrection and the start of Nazi Germany. I believe America will weather the storm. There is too much at stake. People like JD will stand up and be counted all across America.

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John Coopey

Thu 14th Jan 2021 13:08

Good points, well made. And a great poem, JD. Recent events have been a gift to the enemies of American and Western democracy. The Arnie piece was indeed chilling, Greg.
If these polls are correct I did not see any healing happening any time soon..

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Greg Freeman

Thu 14th Jan 2021 12:46

I wonder if others have seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger video that has been doing the rounds recently. I found it very moving, particularly in its reminder of events like Krystallnacht that offered such a grim warning about the way fascism can develop. But it made me suddenly remember what I had forgotten in recent years ... that America used to be regarded as a shining light, a beacon, a safe haven for the oppressed of the world. That's what the Statue of Liberty is all about. How far has it fallen in recent times? What will it take to regain that spirit of welcome? And African-Americans might also question whether it ever really existed.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 14th Jan 2021 12:05

Dreams can also become nightmares. The American dream is built (like so many others) on prosperity, work, relationships, the next generation etc. In divided countries (ours in too) for some people, the dream has turned very unpleasant. The only way to rekindle the dream is for all to share it. Harder done than said!

You poem hints at that level of childhood patriotism that we all enjoyed singing hymns at school before lessons. At that age we all seemed equal! Sadly with age comes division.

A good thoughtful reminder, thank you.

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Thu 14th Jan 2021 12:00

I fully agree with Keith, and remember well the American and Canadian troops passing through the Merseyside of my youthful days, when Hitler dropped his bombs on us.

A very topical blog indeed, and one much needed to be voiced.



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keith jeffries

Thu 14th Jan 2021 11:43


A poem with a strong patriotic flavour to it. I am sure that the hot heads who stormed the Capitol Building last week do not represent the America we have all come to know and admire. It was your nation that came to our aid in two world wars. We remember this with gratitude. The marauding mob of last week should be conscripted into the Armed Forces where they can better vent their energies in the service of their nation.
A good poem, written at the right time
Thank you for this

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