Equality is an invented word

An idea of life that is preferred -

But how to make the word a fact

Takes more than presumption to enact


In day to day or year to year,

Its fallacy is frighteningly clear.

Questions asked about how to obtain it

Go unanswered  - for there's no way gain it.


Am I equal to an Einstein in intellect?

Or a Soros or Bezos - to any effect 

In expectations and hopes to aim for...

How equal am I and how to claim for


What that word implies is my due?

How then can I to be equal to you?

Opportunity and fair play before the law

Are as much as we can ask; what's more


It's been proclaimed that we're "created" equal

But that conveniently avoids life's sequel -

That what follows is chance and circumstance

And leads mankind a merry dance.


So, make the best of what you've got

Strive...survive...and like as not

You may succced beyond your dreams

Even when one word isn't all it seems.






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M.C. Newberry

Sat 23rd Jan 2021 16:42

Thanks JC - points taken. An old saying comes to mind that should always apply - and that is "Fair dos"!

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John Coopey

Fri 22nd Jan 2021 13:52

The tennis analogy is right in part, MC. But not I would suggest, because of the fewer games played. I would argue it is the “pull” of the player which is paramount. If Federer can sell more tickets, attract more TV deals, attract more sponsorship etc than Serena, he can legitimately command more prize money. If Williams is the bigger draw she deserves more than him.
The biggest wrong, to my mind, is in US football (soccer to them) where the women’s game is far bigger but they are paid less. In this case they should be paid more. The men do not merit even equality of pay.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 21st Jan 2021 22:24

I certainly concur about equality before the law and its administration,
which, of course, includes who does what and gets paid what.
Same pay for the same work (*). But the word has been adopted as
a means of manipulation.. I see it skewed "to suit" in life..
(*) When pro.female tennis players demand pay on a par with the
male participants in the sport, then playing the same number of games to the same level of intensity would be a start. But then that probably sees me fall foul of those other skewed words: sexism and
racism. Hey-ho. Blanket commodity - it is not. You're right there.

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John Coopey

Thu 21st Jan 2021 21:33

MC - Do you not believe there should equality before the law or equality at the ballot box or equality in pay for jobs of equal worth? Equality is not a blanket commodity that applies over all things. In some aspects of life there is equality; in some it is an aspiration; in others (as your cite Einstein) it is plainly ridiculous.

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